14 thoughts on “69 Inspirational Quotes eBook

    • Even though quotations can be wonderful I don’t think there is enough value to ask the visitor to subscribe for my blog. By asking everyone to share it with their friends I will hopefully get more readers then if I told everyone to subscribe before getting it.

  1. Hey Stefan,

    Quotes are great – and they do hold a lot of value – they can be inspirational, they can be funny and they can bring someone up that’s feeling down.

    People use them on their e-mail and forum signatures, people use them on Twitter, Facebook and the like too.

    So they do have a great value – and I think people would sign up to a list to get them. However, I also understand your idea of using it to get more readers, and you’re right – I think that will work very well too. Going to bookmark this page now using OnlyWire.


    • I agree with you Iain. Quotes are getting more popular than ever simply because people get so inspired by them. I also agree that some people certainly would have subscribed for my blog to download it, but I don’t want to gain subscribers by delivering free quotes they can find on every other site with quotes.

      I’ve never heard of OnlyWire but I’m glad you are bookmarking it.

  2. Hi Stefan

    I have read your quotes very inspirational, I will share this with everyone. I have many favourite quotes, my current favourite is

    “You never know when one act, or one word of encouragement can change a life forever.” ~ Zig Ziglar


    • Thank you Avis, I’m glad to hear. This is a great quote from Zig Ziglar since it shows how important everything we do in life is.

  3. Thanks for sharing it, Stefan. I love inspirational quotes. They help my life becomes more energetic and great!

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