4 Reasons to Why You Should Use Collection Pages

Have you ever heard about collection pages? Those are pages where you collect all your posts within a specific niche and style the presentation so all your visitors easily can catch up. For an example you have my page about  niche sites where I start from the beginning and explain every step you should take to begin making money online with niche sites.

Here are 4 reasons to why you should use them.

1) Easy to understand – If you ask people to mention five things they dislike about blogs I am certain all of them will mention that blogs usually gets jumbled. In some cases when you treat your blog as a journal and write day by day this is not a problem, but when you try to share your knowledge it will become extremely difficult for your visitors to know where to start.

By taking advantage of collection pages you can order your posts and easily explain for the visitor what he or she should read next.

2) Better Chance of Reading it – Personally I hate long posts since it takes longer to read them and it is difficult to keep your concentration all the way to the end. Usually you end up skimming through the text which results in you missing out on the important parts.

Therefore you should break up your longer posts into smaller ones which you later on compile into a collection page or collection post.

3) Receive More Backlinks – Even though a post might be spot on there is a chance it is to narrow and only attracts a few visitors. For an example, you will get much more backlinks if you explain, step by step, how to build your own theme than you will if you explain how to change a background.

4) Search Engine Optimization – When it comes to SEO you will find it easier to build backlinks for a specific page than it is to build backlinks for all of your pages. By using this method you can direct all your link exchanges to a specific page and then spread the link power to all of your posts.

I took a few months of and created my first e-commerce sit but now I’m back and willing to share more wisdom than ever. Send me a question about personal development or making money online and I will answer it.

How to Always Know What to Say

Barney Stinson

If you have ever watched a comedy, an action movie or met a charismatic person you have most certainly also noticed that the main characters always know what to say independently of what the question is about.

This is not a gift they are born with, but rather something they have developed with one of these two methods.

  • Trial & Error
  • Preparation

Either they have answered the same question so many times they have eventually learned what a good thing to say is or they simply sat down with a piece of paper and thought about what to answer common questions. Your friend, the natural player, who managed to score with every girl probably used the trial & error method while every actor gets a ready to use script.

My preferred method

I did use the trial & error method for several years and eventually developed, in my opinion, great answers to several common questions but it takes unnecessary long time and sometimes you forget great answers.

For this reason I am now using the preparation method. If I get a difficult question on a party I simply save it on my mobile phone and then the next day try to figure out a great answer. The next time someone asks the same thing I suddenly know exactly how to answer and often also joke about it.

Learn main points, not sentences

Just remember to never learn your answers sentence by sentence since there is a chance it will sound rehearsed and eventually someone will probably point it out for you. Instead you should write down main points and try to build an answer on them on the spot.

Common questions

Here are a few common questions to get you started.

  • What’s your name?
  • How old are you?
  • You’re not my cup of tea.
  • What are you working with?
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • Thank you.
  • Are you a man or a mouse?
  • I’m to old / to young for you.
  • Why doesn’t you drink tonight?

Remember that this method is not only for regular questions but also something to help you be prepared when someone turns you down, etc.

Group discussion

Your answers should always be personal built on your beliefs, but feel free to share common questions you get asked.

Also check out the rest of my posts on personal development.

Great Viral Ad by Heineken


On the night of the October 21st the Real Madrid played Champions League match against AC Milan.

Heineken convinced several university professors, girlfriends, and several bosses to convince their students, boyfriends and employees to go to a concert on that night. All of them couldn’t say no and had to go to the classical concert. But…

Receive Subscribers by Running a Contest


One of the far best methods to get attention without having to pay for it is simply to run a contest. There is no need to give away prizes for several thousands of dollar, but it will help, since you will get attention just by giving away cheap prizes such as a DVD or a interesting book.

How to get subscribers

There is no point in forcing your participants into signing up for your newsletter since most of them will cancel their subscription as soon as the contest is over and you have chosen a winner.

Instead you should add a simple checkbox at the bottom of your form.

Subscribe for our free newsletter and receive information on upcoming competitions here at [blogname].

When the contest is over you simply gather all of the addresses, who checked this checkbox, and add them into your preferred email software.

Make sure to read the rest of my posts about creating a successful newsletter.

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Probability of Overweight in Social Networks

Probability of Overweight

What? A post about overweight in a MMO-blog? Well, just bare with me for a few minutes and I will explain how all of you can benefit from this info.

I recently read an interesting study (pdf), published in the New England Journal, explaining probability of overweight depending on different factors in life. Here is a small selection of what the study have arrived at.

Probability of overweight increased with:

  • 171% if you have a group of overweight friends.
  • 100% if you have a overweight best friend.
  • 44% if you have a overweight brother.
  • 37% if you have a overweight wife.
  • 27% if you have a overweight sister.

As you can see from the information above your friends and family will have a big influence on you and this is far from unique when it comes to weight.

How to benefit from this information

First and far most important is to surround yourself with people who are sharing the characteristics you value. If all of your friends are lazy and stingy there is a high probability that you will become lazy and stingy yourself.

On the other hand it can be extremely difficult to break a relationship with your childhood friends and therefore it might be a good idea to try and change them instead. Encourage them into changing themselves and there will be a high probability that you will change as well.

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Developing a Thesis Magazine Skin


As I mentioned yesterday I will present a new design for omTVserier this month and since it is a news site I thought it was a good idea to use a magazine orientated theme. Unfortunately there only seems to be a few good looking themes like this and since I have been using Arthemia for a long time now I decided to create a new one built on Thesis.

The thing is that even though I spent hours trying to find inspiration from existing themes I was not able to find one single good looking magazine site built on Thesis. Therefore I have decided to share my skin when it is done. It will probably not be free since I have spent several paydays working on it, but I promise it will not cost much.

What do you want in a magazine styled theme?

To make this skin even better I thought I would ask for your opinion. What do you want in a theme built for magazines and news sites? Support for any particularly plugin, featured content, YouTube-integration, etc?

What I have this far

  • 2 sidebars ready for unlimited widgets
  • One footer ready for 4 widgets
  • Built in search in the header
  • Dropdown-menu

Please think hard and ask your friends if possible. I am certain a lot of people will appreciate this so lets make it as great as possible.

How to Succeed in 2010


It is a new year and I am going to share my tips on how to make this your most successful year ever. I am sure you have read hundreds of posts telling you how important it is to set up goals but unfortunately people rarely succeed with them. There are two simple reason for this. Their goals are unrealistic or people lack a plan on how to accomplish their goals.

How to Shape a Plan

First you need to know that it is impossible to plan a year in advance. A lot of unexpected things will occur and therefore you should only plan for a few months or half a year in advance. I recommend 4 or 5 months.

Sit down with a piece of paper and write down the number of months you want to plan for. Then write down your goals for the final month and move backwards by writing down your goals for every month. Your goals can be everything from a specific number of visitors to an amount of money. Just remember that they must be realistic.

When you are done writing down your goals for every month you should start over with January and write down what you need to do to reach your goals. If you want to get noticed by 20 new bloggers, make 20 blog comments on blogs where the owner answers all of his visitors.

Case Study

This year I am going to spend most of my time working on a Swedish entertainment site named omTVserier and to show you exactly how my method works I am going to show you my plan for this year.


  • Hire a writer
  • Contact companies and ask them for prizes
  • Present a new design


  • Hire a writer
  • Add advertising
  • Create affiliate-links unique for every TV-show
  • Create a page with a short biography about my writers
  • List all new TV-shows on DVD


  • Hire a writer
  • Add rating system for all TV-shows
  • Write about Swedish TV-channels


  • Hire a writer
  • Present a TV calendar for American shows


  • Hire a writer
  • Present a TV schedule for Swedish channels

All of the above is how I am going to develop the site. But I am also going to add new information and promote it. Here follows a list of things I will do every month to continue to grow it.

  • Write about 10 shows
  • Write about 5 actors
  • Publish 30 posts (1 a day)
  • Make 100 blog comments (3-4 a day)
  • Make 2 link exchanges

Share Your Plan

Now I want you to sit down and think about your goals for 2010. Then you should go backwards and write down what you need to do every month to accomplish this goal. As I mentioned above there is no point planning a whole year ahead since much will change before then, but plan for 6 months.

When you are done with your list, publish it on your blog and add it as a comment below. I would love to learn more about your plans for this year.

Michael Jordan – Maybe


Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a God-given gift, and not something I worked for every single day of my life. Maybe I destroyed the game. Or maybe, you’re just making excuses.