25 thoughts on “How to Automatically Back Up Your Computer

  1. Stefan, hi!
    I know back up is equally boring topic but the technical details were really quick & smart. However, I mostly enjoyed the flow of your post:
    1. Creation of need
    2. Offer help
    3. Details of help – Valuable details

    Simply fabulous!!!

    • Thank you Chris, I’m glad you found it useful. Hopefully it will encourage people to back up their important files instead of having to drag their hair when they lose everything.

  2. Hi Stefan,

    Completely off topic, but I just want to let you know that I’ve finally found a proxy in China that lets me get onto your site after nearly 6 months. 🙂

    • Since Dropbox synchronise your map several times a day it will upload your files, when you get connected again, even though you lose connection for a few hours. When it comes to a simple FTP-server you do have a point since it will not try to upload it again. This is another reason to why I really like Dropbox and recommend more people to use it.

    • You are right Susan and I should have mention this in the post. Dropbox updates your folder automatically 24/7, and saves all of your versions, but the reason to why I use use SyncBack is simply to move all my important information into one folder.

  3. Dear Stefan,
    I have been interested in knowing how to do a backup on my laptop for a while now, and I think your tutorial marks the spot. It’s simple, straight forward and easy to achieve without the need of buying additional costly software.
    Thank you. 🙂
    I’ll let you know how I get on.
    By the way this is my first time visiting your site, after encountering all over the blogs I visit and I quite like it. You are doing a wonderful job here and I am happy that it is what you love. Keep shining.
    Kind Regards

    • Thank you Ana, I’m glad you found this post useful and like my blog. Looking forward to hear more from you and if you get any problem whatsoever, just contact me.

  4. Hey Stefan must say very useful article . though I still prefer more traditional way of backing up using portable Hard drive. I have a 200 GIGS hard disk and that is my lief saver. Its on my every sunday to do list to back up updated data. Though to make my work easier I use few sync tools, but I guess I should consider this trick too… 🙂

    • That’s great Harsh. Personally I think it is a good idea to do both of them. Regularly back up everything with a hard drive and then take small backups with the most important content automatically.

    • I’m totally on board with you. In my opinion backing up online is a waste of bandwidth uploading and downloading for those on limited internet plans. Also what’s the assurance that their servers won’t suffer a glitch someday and all your data goes away?
      I prefer the traditional method of using a DVD or external hard drive. Backups can be made a lot more frequently without the need of internet access.

      • The problem with DVD and CD is that they stop working after a few years. Looking at my CD most of them stop working after about 10 years. The best is probably a combination of both online backup and external harddrives.

  5. Meanwhile I just tweeted this post using the tweety tool which U have and I guess you should check it, its giving some error with the tweets… try tweeting and you will realize what I’m talking about.

  6. You must look very carefull when trying to find a method to backup your hdd because the life of your files depends on that .
    I think the best way to backup your hdd is an online backup . A software thats free to use and provide the service so you can backup your data online on their servers is http://www.dmailer.com/dmailer-backup.html .

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