22 thoughts on “How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Blog

  1. Stefan… GREAT POST. I have been using the DB Backup for quite some time, but never tried SyncBack. I am going to check that out right now. Thanks for the great tip!

    • Thank you Doug, I’m glad to hear you liked it. Just remember to make a manual backup of your files before trying SyncBack on your blog.

    • You’re welcome. Since this only takes a few minutes I recommend you to set it up as soon as possible tomorrow. If not, there’s a chance you will procrastinate.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Backing up your database is not fun but it’s better to spend an hour each week (at leas) than cry later.

    Very nice post, I’ll try to use db backup again. I had some issues in the past.

    • I agree with you EC. Even though it may take some time and be boring, in the end it saves you several restless nights and your hair.

  3. Wow, I use the plugin you mentioned for the database and I normally ask my hosting company to create a backup of my site’s files and then download them to my PC.

    I will see how SyncBack works and maybe try that out, thanks for sharing this.

  4. Excellent tip the Syncback because I have DBpackup to daily send my my information, but is true that they only save the Database not the images or other files.

    I’ll try it.

    • Thank you Luis. Even though your content is the most important part of your blog I still think images creates the atmosphere so I wouldn’t want to be without them.

  5. I had always wondered “am I doing enough” as far as backup. I am NOT doing enough. I have the database backup scheduled with the plugin but was only backing up the files manually once every month or so! I’ll get SyncBack right away. Thanks for the great post!

    • You’re welcome. I recently mentioned how I lost Google AdSense Generator because of lack of backup. It took me some hours to create it all over again, which I wouldn’t had to do if I only had a backup.

  6. Well, Stefan, I certainly won’t want to learn this the hard way. ^^ Thanks so much for providing the step-by-step how to’s. I’m amazed no one is stumbling this post yet so I did. A great tutorial for me as a WP newbie, surely for others too. Going to get my WP blog secured.

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    • Thank you Ching. I wish more people would stumble each others articles on StumbleUpon since it’s a great method to get visitors within your niche.

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