6 thoughts on “Best Method to Become an Authority Online

  1. I agree completely. Another good way to get involved in the community is interacting in blog comments, twitter and all those things that most people are already aware of. Everyone knows what to do, but most people don’t take action. So just get out there and do it!

  2. I just know from this article that i must archive my answer in forum. Yeah — I already do many answers in many forums but do not have any archive from it. So, i think i will start to archive it.

    • By doing so you can actually also take advantage of it when you run out of ideas on what to write about on your blog.

  3. Nice idea you listed. Helping users will in the end help you become an authority. You can really build a name or brand which will help you gain traffic and maybe even make some cash from it.

  4. I don’t think this is the slowest one but this is a major way how to build our authority. I’ve tried and it did works! But, make sure you’re trying to build authority at a forum suits with the niche that you bring or expert.

  5. Ya on digital point “ShoeMoney” always post and stuff, well he got thousands of subscribers that way and if he posted somthing on the forum everybody rushes to what he has going on and they ask him a million questions.

    But he could put an affiliate link in his signature and make sales overnight.

    Now thats what i call big money!

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