17 thoughts on “Best WordPress Theme for Google AdSense

  1. Very Nice Article, I Have been searching for Adsense Ready Themes, But All the themes are quite Odd looking.
    The One You Suggested Above is Impressive.

  2. I am fairly new to ads on my sites because my sites in the past were business sites and I didn’t want to advertise for my competitors.

    I recently started using Flextheme and it integrates adsense with ease, I like it so far.

    I know everyone really like Thesis, that may be why I decided to go with Flex since a lot of sites are starting to look the same.

    Anyway, nice blog, I am subscribing….

    • Thank you Keith, I’m glad you find my blog useful and decided to subscribe. The best thing about using Thesis is not only that it’s easy to customize but also that more and more free customizations are being released. Flexxtheme looks interesting and I think it goes well with business oriented sites.

      • For both the themes πŸ™‚ assuming that you have used them in the past for niche sites maybe.. I have used thesis and provides around 4-5 ctr.. freshnews used to provide 6+ ctr, never tried BlueSense yet and it looks quite ugly.. ugly themes have higher ctr eh? πŸ˜›

        • I’m not sure if I follow you. In my post I mentioned my CTR both for Thesis (5%) and BlueSense (25%). I agree with you that themes with extremely high CTR usually have a unattractive look.

  3. Thanks for your recommendation. The themes are not very attractive, but really AdSense friendly. I’ve got a 2.5% CTR on the WP theme I’m using. Check out my blog. I think the theme is pretty good. It balances the look, function and AdSense.

  4. I have been using Thesis Theme for quite some times but have never designed it to be Adsense familiar or optimized for Adsense. As for the bluesense, I don’t like the colour and design, but if it has the highest CTR, can give it a try as well.

    Highest CTR is good, but you need to have better traffic to gain more clicks too. Example, Thesis 5% CTR, 1000 UV and 50 clicks; while Bluesense 100 UV and 25 clicks. So you see traffic plays the role, right? Pick the right niche is the most important factor I believe. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing this 2 themes Stefan!


  5. DoshDosh bluesense is NOT the “better” adsense theme.

    the reason that bluesense gives higher CTR is simply that you made SIGNIFICANT mistakes on your thesis demo site.

    You ignore the #1 rule to blend in Ads, you ignore another important rule that the best CTR is right above content.

    You can make a VERY GOOD adsense CTR with thesis.

    1) Your ads are the same font than whats on your page
    2) your ad titles are the SAME COLOR as your links on your blog

    Just look at the bluesense theme WHY it has 25% CTR, because the ads have the same color. And you can do all this with thesis..even better actually.

    • I’ve actually been doing this over at Hotell Gyllene Knorren without noticing any vast difference. I’m currently running a A/B-test on my other sites now to make sure but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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