4 Reasons to Why You Should Use Collection Pages

Have you ever heard about collection pages? Those are pages where you collect all your posts within a specific niche and style the presentation so all your visitors easily can catch up. For an example you have my page about  niche sites where I start from the beginning and explain every step you should take to begin making money online with niche sites.

Here are 4 reasons to why you should use them.

1) Easy to understand – If you ask people to mention five things they dislike about blogs I am certain all of them will mention that blogs usually gets jumbled. In some cases when you treat your blog as a journal and write day by day this is not a problem, but when you try to share your knowledge it will become extremely difficult for your visitors to know where to start.

By taking advantage of collection pages you can order your posts and easily explain for the visitor what he or she should read next.

2) Better Chance of Reading it – Personally I hate long posts since it takes longer to read them and it is difficult to keep your concentration all the way to the end. Usually you end up skimming through the text which results in you missing out on the important parts.

Therefore you should break up your longer posts into smaller ones which you later on compile into a collection page or collection post.

3) Receive More Backlinks – Even though a post might be spot on there is a chance it is to narrow and only attracts a few visitors. For an example, you will get much more backlinks if you explain, step by step, how to build your own theme than you will if you explain how to change a background.

4) Search Engine Optimization – When it comes to SEO you will find it easier to build backlinks for a specific page than it is to build backlinks for all of your pages. By using this method you can direct all your link exchanges to a specific page and then spread the link power to all of your posts.

I took a few months of and created my first e-commerce sit but now I’m back and willing to share more wisdom than ever. Send me a question about personal development or making money online and I will answer it.

How to Succeed in 2010


It is a new year and I am going to share my tips on how to make this your most successful year ever. I am sure you have read hundreds of posts telling you how important it is to set up goals but unfortunately people rarely succeed with them. There are two simple reason for this. Their goals are unrealistic or people lack a plan on how to accomplish their goals.

How to Shape a Plan

First you need to know that it is impossible to plan a year in advance. A lot of unexpected things will occur and therefore you should only plan for a few months or half a year in advance. I recommend 4 or 5 months.

Sit down with a piece of paper and write down the number of months you want to plan for. Then write down your goals for the final month and move backwards by writing down your goals for every month. Your goals can be everything from a specific number of visitors to an amount of money. Just remember that they must be realistic.

When you are done writing down your goals for every month you should start over with January and write down what you need to do to reach your goals. If you want to get noticed by 20 new bloggers, make 20 blog comments on blogs where the owner answers all of his visitors.

Case Study

This year I am going to spend most of my time working on a Swedish entertainment site named omTVserier and to show you exactly how my method works I am going to show you my plan for this year.


  • Hire a writer
  • Contact companies and ask them for prizes
  • Present a new design


  • Hire a writer
  • Add advertising
  • Create affiliate-links unique for every TV-show
  • Create a page with a short biography about my writers
  • List all new TV-shows on DVD


  • Hire a writer
  • Add rating system for all TV-shows
  • Write about Swedish TV-channels


  • Hire a writer
  • Present a TV calendar for American shows


  • Hire a writer
  • Present a TV schedule for Swedish channels

All of the above is how I am going to develop the site. But I am also going to add new information and promote it. Here follows a list of things I will do every month to continue to grow it.

  • Write about 10 shows
  • Write about 5 actors
  • Publish 30 posts (1 a day)
  • Make 100 blog comments (3-4 a day)
  • Make 2 link exchanges

Share Your Plan

Now I want you to sit down and think about your goals for 2010. Then you should go backwards and write down what you need to do every month to accomplish this goal. As I mentioned above there is no point planning a whole year ahead since much will change before then, but plan for 6 months.

When you are done with your list, publish it on your blog and add it as a comment below. I would love to learn more about your plans for this year.

Best WordPress Theme for Google AdSense

Today I got a difficult question from Luc Biggs asking which template I recommend to run Google AdSense on when it comes to small niche sites.

I would like to find and stick with ONE WordPress template – one that looks attractive and is also more-or-less AdSense ready – as I have limited knowledge about coding, HTML, PHP etc. I will then use this theme over and over again with all my high PPC domain names. Which theme(s) could you recommend?

The problem is that you will never find a good looking theme with high CTR (click through ratio). You will always have to make a compromise between these two and therefore I have decided to list one of each. Here are my best looking theme for Google AdSense and also the theme with highest CTR.

Best Looking Theme for AdSense


Surprised to find out that I love Thesis the most when it comes to good looking themes made for small niche sites? Probably not. This version of the theme only took me 10 minutes to set up and still have a CTR of 5% which I find very good since it’s such a good looking template.

By using Thesis your visitors will take you seriously and most probably come back if you deliver good content. This is probably nothing for you who create a one-paged site and need every cent you can get to pay for the domain fee. Just remember that you need every visitor.

Visit Thesis | Live example

Highest CTR for AdSense


With a cross section of 25% CTR I will most certainly never find a good AdSense-theme as BlueSense. If you are creating niche sites made for AdSense this is your number one theme irrespective of what others say. Again, BlueSense has a CTR of 25% on my sites!

This is way better than Thesis but with it comes a risk. A risk that no one will take your blog seriously and therefore find it more difficult to mention it.

Visit BlueSense | Download | Live example

Group discussion

Have you tried any of these two themes? If yes, did you get the same opinion about them? Or do you maybe use another AdSense-theme? If yes, which?

Best Method to Become an Authority Online

Authority Online

Last week I got a question asking me about how to become an authority online and since there are so many methods I will mention the best one of them even though this also might be the slowest one. Remember that making money online is a slow trade and Rome wasn’t built in one day.

The best method by far is to go where your audience is.

Choose a forum where you easily can distinguish yourself from all other members by simply helping them with their questions. Usually you want to find one where there are few authority’s already. A newly started forum can be a great idea because then you can begin answering the most simplest questions. The problem is that the forum might become a failure and without visitors your work will be useless in all aspects.

You should try to build an archive with your answers. When someone in the future asks the same question you will simply refer them to you old answer and by time other members will do so as well.

When it comes to traffic you should not use forums to build backlinks but rather use a signature and try to embed relevant links to blog posts in your forum answers. Do not just leave a link but try to answer the question and end your comment with “more info can be found in this blog post”.

By time people will not only link back to your answers but also remember your nickname and mention your blog when their friends are looking for help in the specific niche, so make sure your blog contains high quality content.

There are Only So Many Potential Visitors


Remember the popular method of getting a passive income by creating a small niche site with a few pages and loads of ads? Well, it’s probably about to change with Google Personalized Search since sites with a high returning frequency will rank better than simple sites used only once or twice.

If you lure your visitors into clicking on ads they will probably never visit you again and lets face the truth, there are only so many people searching for a specific keyword. Some day you will run out of them and by then you will wish you were converting them into regular visitors instead.

The Benefit of Converting Your Visitors

Every person creating content online tries to attract visitors. Unfortunately most of them don’t see the value of converting their first time visitors by using, for an example, a mailing list.

If you receive 1000 visitors on Monday and manages to convert 2% of them you will only need to attract 980 on Tuesday. After only one month you will have about 500 subscribers and therefore only need to attract 500 new visitors every day. What if you continue to attract 1000 new visitors every day then? Well, after 30 days you will have 1600 visitors with no additional work. After one year you will have 8300 visitors every day…

Lesson: Take care of your visitors and begin building your list today!

Google Presents Personalized Search for Everyone


Google seems to be on a roll presenting new features every other day this week and therefore I will cover them one after one and share my insight on how we can benefit. Today I will cover Personalized Search.

What is Personalized Search?

When you use Google and search for a term such as the movie [fight club] and then click on IMDb you will raise the value for this result. If you then continue to have a tendency to click on IMDb, Google will take advantage of your search history and rank it higher just for you.

Other times, when I’m looking for news about Cornell University’s sports teams, I search for [big red]. Because I frequently click on www.cornellbigred.com, Google might show me this result first, instead of the Big Red soda company or others.

What is New?

This feature is nothing new for us with a Google Account and to tell you the truth I have often wished for it to not be so. Way back it was giving me a headache every time I tried to see how my niche sites ranked without my personal history interfering the search results.

The difference now is that visitors without Google Accounts will experience the same thing thanks to customized search based upon 180 days of search activity linked to an anonymous cookie in your browser.

How to Benefit?

As I told you above this is nothing new for us with Google Accounts but that does not mean we can’t take advantage of this in the future. I would actually say this could be better for us since if you get hold of a visitor you will have a better chance of keeping him since you influences his search results.

Your main goal should be to get your visitors to click on your links in the Google SERP. I’m certain you can come up with your own methods, and I would love to hear them as well, but here are some examples.

  • When helping someone over the phone or via mail, give him directions on how to find your pages on Google instead of giving him a direct URL.
  • Link to SERPs in your blog posts and via mail.
  • Make up a word or name and tell people to Google it. You might even become famous by doing so. How many know about the lemon law?
  • Mention your keywords in advertising and tell people to Google it.
  • Mention a keyword during an interview and relate to it somehow.

What are your preferred methods?

Video from Google Explaining it


Celebrities Deaths Popular on Bing in 2009


Even though there is one month left of 2009 Bing decided to publish their top 10 trending topics for this year and a bit surprisingly for me the list consist of four deaths, one kidnapping and a happy couple breaking up.

Top Trending Topics in Bing in 2009

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Twitter
  3. Swine Flu
  4. Stock Market
  5. Farrah Fawcett
  6. Patrick Swayze
  7. Cash for Clunkers
  8. Jon and Kate Gosselin
  9. Billy Mays
  10. Jaycee Dugard

Most Popular Searches of 2009

The same blog posts over at Bing also mentions most popular searches in 2009 but I am not able to find this list yet. For now I can tell you that Perez Hilton topped their list of most searched people this year on Bing, followed by Robert Pattinson in second and the beautiful Megan Fox in third place.

Take Advantage of This

Except Twitter, the stock market and the swine flu I am certain the interest in most of these topics will continue to drop and therefore there is no point in creating a website about them.

On the other hand we know that celebrities continues to be an interesting topic and there are still money to be made here. The big difference today is that you need to catch the celebrity before he or she becomes a celebrity. Sounds impossible? Well, it is not. The secret is simply to keep track of popular directors such as Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino to see who they cast in their upcoming movies.

You will get it wrong but with a good domain, link exchanges and updates once a week you will eventually find a rough diamond.

Why Hubpages is a Bad Idea


In January of 2006, Paul Edmondson, Jay Reitz, and Paul Deeds left their families and fiancés behind and moved into a three level house… This is how the story of Hubpages.com begins. After a lot of hard work the website was published on August 5th 2006 which is roughly 3 years ago now.

Today I constantly see new topics on forums asking if it is a good idea to give it a chance and make money with hubpages. Instead of constantly continuing to explain why it is a bad idea I decided to write this post and simply refer to it in the future. Hopefully you will add more information as time goes by.

What is Hubpages?

According to their tour – hubs are just like web pages. Each hub contains an article you write about a preferable topic and after you publish it you will receive 60 percent of the impressions. If you are unlucky all of the clicks will be on their advertising and result in you not getting any revenue. This is highly unlikely though but yet possible.

Why it is a bad idea

1) Few can live on it – This is actually something related to blogging. Unfortunately I can not find any articles at this moment proving my point but maybe you can help me? If I remember correctly less than 6 percent of all bloggers make enough money to be able to live on it. Most of them are companies. Unfortunately there are still rumours on how easy it is.

2) It is not your site – Because of this they can delete your account without any good reason. If you get banned from AdSense you can find new advertisers but if you get all your content removed you will lose all your income meaning you will have to start all over again.

3) Hubpages can be banned – More and more people are starting to create small hubpages filled with worthless information simply to rank high and make money. Hubpages will probably loosen their leash to make more money resulting in more spam and eventually Google will have to deal with it.

4) No site will be here forever – Remember I told you about Geocities last month? When Geocities came along everyone used it but eventually it got old and there was new and better techniques. This will happen with Hubpages and the question is when. If you create a couple of thousand hubpages, sit back and retire it might work for two or three years. Then people will stop using it and all your time will be thrown away.

5) Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket – Basically what I am trying to say is that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Personally I am making money by blogging, niche sites, Twitter, web development, consulting and search marketing. Within a few years some of these jobs will be gone but I will continue to make money since I got backups as and constantly continue to finding new methods to make money.

What about Squidoo then?

Truth to be told I have never tried Squidoo and its lenses but according to posts and books mentioning the subject I understand it is basically the same thing and therefore the same arguments applies for this site.

Prove me wrong

As always this is only my side of the story and since I would love to see people benefit in the future from this post your comments are highly appreciated. Tell me if I am right or wrong and also explain the reason to it.

Get Free Content From Geocities


Today a friend of mine made me aware of Yahoos choice on dropping Geocities. This is one good reason to why you should not trust third parties, but more on this in another entry. Since it’s hardwired into me to think about how to benefit from everything I took a few minutes today to thing about how you can benefit from Geocities.

How to benefit

I did a quick search and found out that there are currently estimated to be over 23 000 000 Geocities-pages indexed by Google. I have no references to back up this, but I would say about 90 percent of the information currently on Geocities will be lost, since Yahoo will not take a backup.

If you do not download your files and images before October 26, 2009, you will no longer be able to access that data. After October 26, your GeoCities files will be deleted from our servers, and will not be recoverable. If you’d like to move your web site, or save the images and other files you’ve posted online, you need to act now.

As you can see, this will result in millions of pages disappearing from internet and search engines. Since there are no backup on most of the information you can simply copy a whole web site, create a WordPress site and start to republish all the information all over again (niche site).

There might be a small chance of the author finding your site, but if you ask politely for permission or ask him to continue to update it while you pay for domain and host, I’m sure he will not mind.

How to find good content

Since I believe you should keep your niche sites within the same niche I recommend you to use Google and search for a specific niche.

keyword site:geocities.com

By doing this you will get all the content related to your niche, ordered after how Google values it. Remember there are other factors as well when it comes to ranking high on search engines, but it is a good start.


The main question is, should you do it? The content is written by someone else and by law you have no permission to republish it. With that said, most of the content will be gone forever and you might see it as an obligation to make it available to future generations. What are your take on it?

How to Automatically Back Up Your Computer

Angry Kid

When was the last time you backed up the important files on your computer? If you are the slightest similar to me I would assume the last time was when your best friend told you he or she had lost everything thanks to a crash.

The reasons to why we do not back up our most important data is because it takes time, it is a boring process and we tend to forget about it.

In this post I will show you how to set up software to automatically back up your important files to a free server anywhere in the world.

What you will need

  1. A Windows PC
    If anyone would like to make a guest post on how to set this up on a Mac I would gladly accept the offer.
  2. An FTP-server
    If you already have a FTP-server this is great. Otherwise I will show you how to use Dropbox for free to host your files.

How to set it up

  1. Install software and set up your FTP-server. We will use the same software as I used when I showed you how to automatically back up WordPress. Download and install the latest version of SyncBack.

    If you do not have a FTP-server I highly recommend you to visit the Dropbox team and download the latest version of their software. You will get 2 GB free storage out of the box and then another 250 MB when you take their tour. When this is done you can get additional 25o MB for every friend you refer, up to 3 GB which gives you a total of 5 GB free storage online. This is something you can use to a lot more than backup.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and ask for help. When you are done installing both of these software’s you should create four different folders in your backup-folder.

    Backup Folders
  2. Create a backup profile. Start SyncBack and create a new profile named “Local Backup (daily)”. Set the source to where you have your important files and destination to backup folder. Like this:

  3. Select directories to back up. You can back up your whole hard drive if you want to, but it would take forever. Personally I back up my passwords, bookmarks from Firefox and all my documents. The rest of my files I try to back up manually on a external hard drive every other month. Select all the folders you want to back up and follow next step.
  4. Create a schedule.  Now it is time for you to create a schedule so you will get a backup automatically every day. Press the “Expert”-button and hit “Misc”. There you will see a big button saying “Schedule”. I run my back up at 05:00 but it is up to you depending on when you use it.

Now you simply repeat the process to create a weekly, monthly and finally one every other month. This is to make sure you always have one backup even if a whole month would be messed up.

When was the last time you made a backup?