New Design for 2010


Today I have spent the afternoon developing my design for the new year in a stage to reach my ambitious goal with publishing 365 posts. I am currently 3 posts behind after 10 days but I am sure to catch up since I got a slow start.

Less is More

The main idea behind my new design is the classic less is more. By removing my sidebars and its information I am shifting the focus to what’s important; my knowledge. Instead of wasting your attention on unimportant menus, polls, Twitter and I place my posts in the spotlight.

On the downside I also had to remove all advertising. Even though this is my personal blog where I write about my own projects and I am not trying to make money on it, I was glad to be able to pay for my domain and hosting. I will probably change this later on and add some advertising below my posts.

Informational Greeting

This is something I recommend all of you to use at your blog. Add a box with short information in which you greet the visitor, share something about yourself and summarize what your blog is all about.

Hello and welcome to my blog where I share knowledge on personal development and making money online for free. My name is Stefan and I’m currently studying advertising and communication while running a company on the side. Feel free to read more about me and subscribe for my well worth reading content.

As you can see I also add a few links in the text. They are not only helpful for my visitors but also in terms of search engine optimization since they are high quality deep links from the top of my first page.

Wall of Fame

Just like the greeting box, this information actually deserves to be a own post. When it comes to blogs a majority of all visitors are interested in who the author are, even though they might have just found you through a search engine. Therefore you should take advantage of this and expand your about me-page to also show your favourite posts.

If you head over to mine you will see that I not only share information about myself but also lists my favourite posts, quotes and guest posts. Later on I will add a photo but my last one is 2 years old and needs to be updated.

Your Thoughts

After working with a design for a few hours you need to get a second opinion since you get stuck in the same route. Therefore I would love to hear your opinion on the new design. What can I do to improve it?

My Best Posts of 2009

New Year

Close to my birthday in the end of July I decided to begin blogging in English and created this blog. Now I have 88 posts published and personally i think it has been a successful first year.

Below you have a list of my best posts on this blog for 2009 and I would love to hear which one you liked the most. If you are blogging as well I would also love to see a comment from you mentioning your best post from 2009.


Making Money

Personal Development


Book Reviews

Happy new year in arrears!

Photo credit: auburnxc

Remove Hyperlinks in Comments

Remove Hyperlinks in Comments is a very simple plugin that prevents WordPress from automatically creating hyperlinks in the comments section.

A few months ago Google decided to change their policy on nofollow and partly because of this I decided to remove the ability to add your website when commenting on one of my sites. Unfortunately most of my visitors decided to get around this simply by adding their site in the end of the comment. I personally have nothing against this but since the default behaviour by WordPress (as of version 2.8) is to automatically create a hyperlink from links in comments I was back on square one again.

Since I could not find a simple method to deactivate this I ended up creating this plugin which will unlink all links in the comments section. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with a comment below.


You can download Remove Links in Comments from WordPress.


  1. Unzip, upload the folder to your WordPress plugin directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. You’re done!



  • First public release (30/11/2009)


If you like this plugin, feel free to donate a link to this post or blog.