18 thoughts on “How to Choose a Theme For Your WordPress Site

    • You should probably not use this as your first demand, but I agree that a place to put advertising is important if you try to make money through it.

    • @ Toan Nguyen Minh – Not trying to sound like a dick to you, but that is probably why you dont have many visitors who actually come back the second time.

  1. Choosing a theme is the number one point to any website. It depends what you want from your site. Example SEO, advertisements, layout options, comments (threaded), supports gravatars and how easy it is to update and customize.

    • I agree with you George that there’s so many more things to think about when choosing a theme for WordPress. My main point in this post is that there are differences in your theme-choice depending on how you will make money on your site.

    • I also recommend everyone to have some sort of unique theme but there are some great free and premium themes out there which you can customize into becoming unique.

  2. I spent aqges looking for a good theme, one where the design fitted my needs, and that was easy to understand. I finally settled on the one I use on my blog (and 3 more besides, although they all look different).

    This theme was relatively easy to understand because it was well coded, and I managed to enhance it so that some fo the hard coded features in the sidebars are now soft coded.

    I am still trying to perfect the theme, with my limited PHP knowledge, and would like to change the fonts etc, but I think it works fairly well.

    I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a theme that exactly fitted their needs, so you need to find something that is either flexible enough to be tailored to your needs, or easy enough to understand so that you can edit the code yourself.

    • Thank you for your comment Tony. I agree with you and this is one of the reasons why I love Thesis. It’s extremely flexible and there are new guides, on how to customized it, published every day.

  3. Selecting best theme for your blog is sometime difficult but its very important…
    IMO one should first make a layout of everything blog design and ad placement …
    Then think of color and how you want your blog to look like.,.
    A nice footer …..and so on…
    Once you have all the requirement start searching for your theme or hire a custom designer to code it for you or redesign any existing theme…

    • I agree with you Harsh. If you have the money to hire some premium designer the best thing is to draw up a outline on how the information should be presented.

  4. Stefan,

    Choosing a theme, for me, is like giving birth. LOL It takes a long time and I labor over my decision. While looking at themes, I’m trying to get ideas on the color scheme I’ll use, the layout that I think will serve my needs, if the theme seems user-friendly and is easy to edit, and probably several other things.

    I’m not really good at editing themes, so I have to factor in how I’m going to get changes made if I need them. I don’t mind paying for a premium theme, but that also depends on the reputation of the person selling the theme. For example, do they have a reputation for good customer service? Do they offer customization services at a reasonable price?

    Choosing a theme is really not a simple matter for me. It could probably be far easier but I guess I’m very demanding…but I’m okay with that.


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