9 thoughts on “Book Review: Fight Club

  1. “If this is your first night at fight club, you have to fight.”

    Someone has to think twice before starting to step into the club. Haha.
    Well, thanks for the review. 🙂

    • That’s the beauty of Fight Club. You have to participate, so you can’t walk around just being there.

  2. I enjoyed the movie (not at all what I thought it would be). You have me thinking that maybe I should pick up the book.

  3. Hey Stefan!
    Wow, just like you i have seen the movie many times, but never read the book. I think Fight Club is such a motivation for many people around the world, to free yourself from societies confinements and limitations.

    Of course you shouldnt go overboard and blow up all the credit card companies:P

    Nice blog you have here, I like the layout 🙂

    Keep well and until next time!

    • Thank you Diggy. I agree with you and think that there’s a interesting message within Fight Club. Later on I will publish my personal list with a bunch of movies about personal development.

  4. I loved the movie! I’m thinking about reading the book.
    Did you find that you discovered a lot that you missed when you read the book? For example, I remember all of the quotes that you listed above from the movie. I didn’t consider them to be that meaningful at the time (they went by quick), but now that I read them I’m thinking about their meanings.

    • There are a few quotes I don’t think are in the movie. Besides those the great think about reading the book is that you get more time to think about everything which results in you getting a bit more out of it.

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