10 thoughts on “Get Free Content From Geocities

  1. Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for sharing the unbelievable news about Yahoo.
    It seems that Yahoo is shutting many more projects like Yahoo360,Geocities etc.
    Anyways,thanks again for opening the door for free content.

  2. the idea is quite good.you can copy the free content and i dont think there will be duplicate content issue.geocities has been around for such a long time.i created few pages there myself.

    • Since all the content will be removed this is not a problem. The only thing you need to worry about is the ethics.

  3. Stefan, you have a great idea there but be careful because it would still be classified as copyright infringement.

    Also archive.org should have an archived version of most of these sites so they won’t actually be gone forever. Nothing on the internet is every truly gone forever.

    • Well, you are partly right. I have created a lot of sites during the years which are gone now. Most of them are not even on archive.org. According to Yahoo archive.org will not save all of it. But you are right, this could be classified as copyright infringement.

  4. If we adopt content from geocities, Did Search Engine crawl them is duplicate content ? Nice tips, can adopt to my blog.

    • Since the content will be deleted from Geocities you have nothing to worry about when it comes to duplicate content. If anything, search engines might think you moved your own content.

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