9 thoughts on “Get Backlinks and Visitors by Guest Blogging

  1. Guest blogging is a good idea. I have never done it, but I have found a few good, smaller, blogs through guest blogging. They guest blogged on one of the bigger blogs.

    Have you ever guest blogged on anyone else’s site/blog?

  2. My blog is not yet open for guest blogging. I say YET as I was not open to the idea, as my blog is more about what I have found on the net and to help others out where I can.

    As time has gone by, I’m starting to think more and more about this. I will be opening my blog for guest blogging soon as there are more benefits for me and the guest blogger.

    My problem is that I need to set up some standards and put checks in place to attract the right kind of guest bloggers.

    • It’s important to make sure what quality the guest blogger is showing before approving him. Even when you’ve approved him and he has send you the text, you have the right to deny his post. Otherwise people would only use you to get baklinks, without giving you something back.

  3. Hey Stefan
    Guest blogging is a great idea, I started accepting guest posts almost 3 months back and it comes out to be great for people who guest post on my blog, but somehow bad for me…since that increased my bounce rate a lot……

    More over as George mentioned about standard above, while making your blog open for Guest blogging, you need to maintain your standards, which becomes tough sometime, as it’s hard to get quality post all the time.

    • I’ve never thought about bounce rate in connection to guest posts but you have a good point. On the other hand I think the number of new visitors will outweigh the hight bounce rate.

      As I answered George – You may sometimes turn down posts but it’s probably the best for both of you.

  4. Guest blogging is a good idea. But what I have found is that to write a good guest post, you must carefully read the articles written on the host blog and understand the style.

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