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    • This is the great thing about this method. Since you are not reaching out to bloggers but regular websites they are more interested in answering your questions. Usually they also don’t have so much knowledge about Page- and AlexaRank.

    • Not really. My blog is quite new and I was a guest blogger on daily blogging tips. Just write your content and send it to the bloggers. If it is something worth publishing than they will publish it. If not, they will let you know.

      • I’m not sure if I follow you here. This is a method to receive new quality content while I’m helping my visitors by answering their questions. This is not a traditional method where you ask your visitors to send you guest posts.

        • Sorry my mistake Stefan i got Toan Nguyen Minh’s question other way round, where trying post authority blogs as a guest poster. Appologies 🙂

          Also, do you have any post, where you used this technique? Would love to see it.

          • No problem InternetHow. Since I’m relatively new to the international market there’s unfortunately no examples in English.

    • I’m not to fond of selling e-books with information since people often writes about it as soon as they get their hands on it. Hopefully more people will give me a backlink now if they appreciate my content.

  1. I agree with Toan and the Gooroo..This is a great idea and I never thought of it and probably never would of. This is very useful for when you are ina pinch and really need some good content.

  2. This is a clever concept, Stefan. Thanks for sharing it. And thank you for your comment on one of my blogs. It made me find you and I’m glad I did – you write some interesting stuff!

  3. Hi Stefan ,
    Great post there. I do believe that sometimes we do have to write our own articles. However , i agree that this method is a good idea.


    • I agree with you Brendon. This tip are more directed for people who are trying to make money through small niche sites. With that said, it still works as well with a regular blog.

  4. Hi Stefan,

    I think its a great idea. There are plenty of experts out there who are willing to help, especially if it is building their brand as well. And if you don’t ask then you don’t get.


    • I agree with you Walter and as I answered a bit above I think this method is better for small niche sites. As a blogger I prefer to create all of my content myself and I believe it’s better in the end. On the other hand you can use this method to receive answers and then write a longer post about the subject and quote the answer within the post. By doing so you will not risk the quality of your blog while you at the same time get free content.

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  6. Cool idea Stefan. Definitely never even crossed my mind, but it makes great sense. I definitely think it is a win-win-win situation for everyone… you (as it makes for an easy post), the reader (as he gets his questioned answered), and the expert (as they get more visibility as an expert in that niche).

    • Thank you Doug. Like you say everyone is a winner so it’s much better chance to find people by doing this than using guest posts.

  7. This is a new idea. Haven’t really thought about using it that way. I would really love to see some examples/cases if you have them. How about a post sequel in case you’ve tried it? Thanks in advance and looking forward to the idea.

    • You’re welcome Alexis. Good luck with your blog as well. Feel free to come back to me with the result if you decide to use this method.

  8. Stefan

    Great idea to help others whilst also delivering high quality content – I like it!! Will be trying it out very soon and will let you know how it works for me.
    Thanks for the tip.


  9. excellent idea! thanks a lot for this post Stefan, i am going to add it to my task on the New Media Bloggers blog!

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  11. OMG, this trick rocks! It’s damn easy to find an expert on our niche, otherwise we are not serious in blogging or we are choosing a wrong niche. And when a post from this method published, there will be a ‘triple win’ relation appears:
    1. We – definitely
    2. The expert – we can drop a back link to his blog
    3. The reader – we solve his/her problem.

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