8 thoughts on “Get Publicity in Your Local Newspaper

    • Do you not have any newspaper for your neighbourhood or maybe a newspaper working in a small niche? If the niche is just small enough I’m sure they will consider you even though it’s a big city.

      • Its not that easy since every magazine or small newspaper are ambicious and won’t consider you. But my biggest problem is that my blog and website are in english and I live on a spanish speaking country.

  1. I have never really thought about this but it does sound like a good idea. I wonder how many people (bloggers) actually end up being interviewed by their local newspaper?

    • I think that’s only a handful in every city. Why? Because people always try to market themselves online and usually don’t try to find new ways.

    • Local newspaper usually has a online edition where you can find journalists writing about similar stories. If not, you can just have a look at their website where they always list their contact details.

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