17 thoughts on “How to Hide Affiliate Links

  1. Actually, I find it confusing to directly edit my html code. Thank you for letting me know there’s a WordPress plugin for it. A life saver. 🙂

  2. A FREE WordPress plugin that will hide the links?! This blog is quickly becoming one where we can’t afford to miss a post! Thanks so much.

    • Thank you Christie, I’m glad you liked it. There are a few premium tools which do basically the same thing but personally I prefer to recommend the free version if it’s as good as the premium one.

    • Are you driving at the onmouseover-method? Personally I’m not very fond of it since you have to add this to every link manually and also you’ll have no statistics. With that said I’m not very good at javascript and there might be a work-around to not having to change all the links manually?

      • Rather thinking of using jQuery to replace the href to my own tracking url. [a href=”http://ducedo.com” class=”file.php?id=1″]. Then I can use jQuery to replace the href with the class attribute when the page is loaded. May be a good thing for avoiding only internal links but kind of grey hat cloaking…

  3. Dam’n Stefan we are so much into the same Pitch here… Just few days back I was compiling a post on why you should hide affiliate link using gocodes and you have already written about it here…

    preferably I will never like hiding my affiliate links, but I don’t know why Advertisers keep aff. link so ugly…. 😉

    • As we established last time, genius think alike. 😉

      I think that’s the main problem about affiliate links. It looks strange and people may thing it’s unsafe.

    • Another great method with a plugin like GoCodes is that you can track the number of downloads. For an example I added my first eBook “69 inspirational quotes” into a unique URL a few days ago simply because I was curious to see if anyone downloaded it.

  4. Thanks for the info Stefan.

    I’m just starting out in Affiliate Marketing and was searching for a tool to hide my affiliate links. Other posts I have come across, so far, just confused me but you explained it simply.

    Going to download the GoCodes plugin NOW!

  5. Nice post!

    However, I just want to add that if you’re going to use urlshortening to hide the link – make sure it’s a owndeveloped shortentool or atleast an own database. ‘Cause if they truncate old posts in the database you’re left alone and have to do it all over again!

  6. this is quite useful since that many affiliates removes the visible user link when the visitor has gone to their site. Thanks for post!

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