7 thoughts on “How to Do Link Exchange

  1. As we know, exchange link in the sidebar doesn’t help in search engine ranking anymore, I believe that three or four way link exchange might help, but it’s time consuming. I do prefer to do article marketing to get quality one-way backlink instead of doing link exchange. Anyway, it’s no harm to exchange link too. 😀


    • I think it’s a great method if you do it correctly. Convince the other person to link within his text instead of just putting a link in the sidebar.

  2. Link exchange is a great way to get ranked better, but it’s very time consuming. I use to have a sidebar widget, but removed it as my blogroll was becoming to big. I have a links page now and display my blogroll links there.

    I suggest doing guest blogging as it’s more effective and it has longer long term effects.

    • The thing about link exchange is that most people do it the old fashioned way which doesn’t help as much any more. Google recently made a video explaining how links in sidebars and footers get less linkpower. This is why you should try to get your links within the pagetext and not in the sidebar.

  3. As far as I know, link xchanging is not good in eyes of Google. Moreover, its not counted as a backlink by Google. But I love link xchanging bcz it helps to increase visitrs thru referring sites.

    • As I answered George right now; if you do it correctly there’s no difference between a link exchange and a regular link. You should link a specific keyword within your text from a related page instead of adding it into your sidebar.

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