5 thoughts on “How to Find Great Topics to Write About

  1. Very nice post with Stefan. You make a good point regarding PPC. By simply writing about a specific topic, you can increase your daily revenue from $50 to $100.

    • Thank you. This is one of the most important parts when it comes to niche sites. Even though you succeed to get thousands of visitors you may still not earn that much on them as if you were getting 100 visitors within the “correct” topic.

  2. Great points – so often we forget that by the time that difference in PPC gets multiplied by so many clicks, that is a LOT of money! Once we find niches that pay decently, what is the best way to pick from among them? Do you also consider the amount of competition, and how do you determine that? (Number of results when searching Google, or what)? Thanks!

    • Since the Swedish market is so small and I have a tendency to work within similar niches I always have a hunch on who my competitors are.

      With that said I think to many people are staring themselves blind on the number of results. You can have one million sites trying to rank for a term but if all of them only have one backlink you will outrank them within a second. On the other hand there may be 100 results and all of them have hundreds of high rank backlinks. Then you have no shot of coming close the first page. Try to remind of it and I will publish a post with more in depth methods on how I check out my competition.

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