8 thoughts on “How to Get Free Content From Your Visitors

  1. Very nice and simple method which definitely works! I really like the idea of posting the answer on your site and then sending them to your post instead of answering them via email. I am sure that would encourage the person to leave a nice comment, as well as become a long-time visitor, as you have taken personal interest in an issue they were having.

    • It’s a great method since you doesn’t have to spend time searching for information or inspiration. You’ll just have a look at the question and then simple write your answer. By doing this you can also link to your previous content and lure the visitor away to several other pages.

    • I agree with you Doug, you could get another regular reader to your blog if you’re handling the question well. I’ve done this once in my blog before, the result was good.

      Stefan, so are you going to do this way too? I think you should add a “Ask Me Question” page, so that people could contact you and ask question.


      • I may do so in the future but not at the moment. Hopefully you will ask me me questions even though it says “contact me” instead of “ask me”.

  2. This is a great idea. I help a few bloggers via email, but maybe I should rather post about it. I guess not all questions could be posts, it depends on the question at hand. It would be nice as some of the questions asked have also been asked by other bloggers.

    I was asked many times about different premium WP themes and eventually just created a Themes category and posted about them. Now I just refer them to that category and they can read through the posts and decide which theme is for them.

    • In this case it could be a good idea for you to create a single page where you link to all your posts about the specific subject. Like I’ve done in my left sidebar.

  3. This is a great idea! And not only that, I’ve thought of this before, or something similar, for some of my blogs … but never carried it through exactly.

    In fact I have in the past received questions by email and when they required a long answer, I posted the full answer as a blog post (paraphrasing the question).

    I do have blogs with content generated by the readers. And I have been outsourcing more and more of my content for the other blogs – this could also be outsourced of course (the answers). And would make the website even more valuable for the visitors. Definitely something to think about!

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