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  1. Come on Stefan you know that you’re better than that. No respected advertiser will allow such thing. Don’t you think they’re tracking you? They will notice that the page views are coming from the same IP and they will ban you in no time.

    • I’m personally not using this method and should probably have mentioned that in my post. I actually got a bit disturbed when I found out about it but after asking around it seemed to be a very common method.

      • I was actually supprised with this article. Your blog seems very good and a lot of people like it and read it. I know for a fact, adsense would ban you for doing something like that. So, why would you recomend it to your readers?

        • Since Google AdSense only pays for the number of clicks they would never and will never ban you for refreshing the page. With that said I don’t recommend this method. I’m only telling my visitors about different methods and then it’s up to them to decide if they should use it or not.

  2. Great tips but I know the advertisers didn’t allow such a thing and obviously, the IP address is the same and I don’t think it’s working. Like what you’ve said, you never try this method so maybe someone else can try it and leave the feedback here. Well, I don’t participate any PPM advertisement.

    • There are few networks allowing blogs with a low amount of visitors (below several thousand each day), and because of this I’ve never tried PPM. But as you wrote, it would be interesting to hear more from someone who have done this.

      • I have to disagree with Fatin Pauzi here… Just because it is the same IP address does not mean that I did not refresh the page myself so I can read the article because of the content update, or to check back on comments. For example there are lots of news articles that get updated a few times a day and people may come back each time, which gives more views. Or the comments that I mentioned, people will come back (or refresh the page) a few times if they are engaged in a conversation with other readers. I will, for example, refresh this page a few times to see what other people have to say on this issue, does that mean Stefan is cheating his advertisers? Not really. See the point?

  3. Well, this sounds pure BlackHat, but, totally fathomable. Because, the interval set is quite high to track and when a page is getting at least 1000 visitors per day, it amounts to a good surmountable time period.

    Can be used with a random PPM ads providing site, but not with major ones 😉

    You got what I mean, Stefan?

    • Yes and I agree with you. Since there are so many visitors visiting your site every ad will get a unique set of visitors, simply because it’s like a loop.

  4. Well, Stefan, I think you have hit a jackpot here, with this idea. This may be quite controversial. I personally think it is a bad idea. You are cheating the people who pay you, so you could make money. That would be just like staying at work, hiding in the breakroom/bathroom/anotheroffice and not doing any work and still getting paid for it.

    • I agree with you and that’s why I wrote that I don’t encourage this method, but at the same time it’s A method to make more money. I will not tell you what’s right and wrong, that’s completely up to you. I will probably publish more posts within grey areas in the future and then it’s up to you to decide if you want to use it or not.

      • If you can post more articles that will be provocative it would make it better. I think more people would engage in comment conversations on them.

        • I agree with you Jason. This is without doubt my most popular article this far. Probably because everyone got an opinion about it.

  5. I know you don’t use this method… but I don’t think it’s even a good idea to put this method out there in the universe, especially on your site. I know people do it… but as an advertiser myself it is hard enough to get a return on your advertising dollars… and I would be way mad if I found out someone was doing this.

    Even though I am pretty sure you would not do this… you eventually might want to start making money selling some ads on this site (I would assume), but I could be wrong? If an advertiser finds this post searching through your archives to see what you are all about… in the back of their mind they are going to wonder if you might be doing this to inflate your stats and that could cost you an advertiser.

    Just my thoughts!

    • You do have a good point Doug, as always. With that said I think it’s important to be transparent nowadays. If the advertiser can’t trust me since I’m showing you both bad and good methods of making money online, then maybe we weren’t meant to be.

  6. If you placed this tag in your html, then at every 600th sec. page refreshed automatically it means after 10 minutes but i want to ask you whos gonna read one page for 10 minutes . Visitors stay at one page for approx 2 minute and if you change the code from 600 to 2, then visitor don’t concentrate on your content as he read one line and page refreshed.
    and 90% chances are visitor leave your website forever.
    I don’t think its a good idea to earn money.

    • The point is to get a few more pageviews from those who leave your site on while they leave their computer. I’m guilty of heaving about 10-20 sites on every time I leave my computer.

  7. I also think this is the “blackhat” way of getting more pageviews 🙂

    1) There’s rarely any reason why you *need* to auto refresh a blog page that way, or in general, for that matter.
    2) You’re doing it to get more pageviews = getting paid more from your ads.

    I don’t think the ad networks will like that and I’m quite sure most of them also has rules against it – just like they probably don’t allow you clicking your own banners, signing up through your own affiliate links etc.

    Nevertheless – it’s a good thing to write about these methods so people can decide for themselves what they want to do, and those who think about doing it will be able to learn about the cons about this method, rather than just doing it and end up having their ad account banned and their funds frozen, worst case.

    • Thank you for your comment Klaus. A great example on sites where you have use of refreshing is Twitter, livescore.com and every site that’s updated regularly. With that said I agree that most sites don’t need it.

    • I’ve tried it on once of my sites a long time ago but it had not close to enough traffic to make something out of it.

    • Since it’s only pageviews and not clicks they can’t complain about IP. This is because a user can visit several of your pages manually. By doing so you’ll get the same result. With that said some may dislike the method and ask you to remove it.

  8. Your assumption that visitors stay on your site for 10 minutes is also flawed. I close my browser as often as possible and I’m sure other people do as well. You are probably in the minority of people who leave more than 1 site open on their browser for more than 5 minutes.

    • I may only speak for myself now but since I subscribe for several hundreds of blogs it takes me more than one hour each day to go through all new posts. I open all posts at once and before going through all of them one hour (60/10=6 pageviews) has passed.

    • You have a great point Tyrone. If you write really long articles you can change it for every 30 minutes instead. You’ll probably not get nearly as much pageviews but you will still get a few more. This method is mostly good for sites delivering the latest news where the user don’t tend to spend as much time reading.

  9. It may be slightly unethical but that doesn’t mean plenty of sites don’t use it. The Daily Telegraph here in England for instance seem to refresh their pages every so often. I’m sure they will argue that it is done because content has been updated but it’s the same outcome nonetheless.

    • Great example Adi. If people gets banned for doing so, The Daily Telegraph wouldn’t still be doing it. With this said it might not be the best idea to use Google AdSense on your site.

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