15 thoughts on “How to Make Money by Shopping

  1. This is a great idea. I have bought a few good using my link and this is not something new, but it can save you thousands in the long run. I do my best to promote products offline as most of my family and friends are from SA and don’t usually buy products from overseas. I guess it depends on the products on hand.

    If I had to put a percentage of users who apply this method of buying through their own link, I would say it’s around 15-30%. I could be way off, but it’s my opinion and estimation.

    • I’m not sure if it’s such a high amount as 15 percent since none of my family members of friends are using this technique for themselves. But when it comes to people who are comfortable with making money online I’m sure at least 50 percent are doing it. It’s truly a great method to earn some extra cash.

  2. The title is cool as I love shopping. But when it comes to shopping and at the same time, I could make money, it’s really trigger my sense. And then, it’s all about affiliate marketing. You give me an idea Stefan. Thanks!

    • I’m glad to hear Fatin. It’s a really simple method when you think about it, but you can save thousands of dollar each year by doing it.

  3. Hey Stefan!
    Great site with a lot of helpful information. That is a very interesting about having a link directory. I have to admit I haven’t made a cent on line. But I have just started about a month ago. Well I will be back to read your posts


    • Thank you Jim. By using this method you are sure to make some money online. Just stay tuned and I will try to help you through your start.

  4. Not a new to tip, but I’m EXTREMELY glad you posted about. I’m surprised at how many people overlook this simple way to save money while shopping. I’ve done it many times, and have saved a lot of money over the last few years. Great post!

    • It’s all about staying positive. We all need to buy things occasionally ans isn’t it better to “make money” then instead of “save money”.

  5. This is a great blog post –
    It looks like affiliate market is now too narrow and the payout threshold too high that it’s almost impossible for most people to receive their first cheque.

    That said, I will look into it during my summer holiday.
    Nice blog BTW 🙂

  6. Now this is an interesting way to make money — legitimate, and yet resourceful and trustworthy. Exactly how long did it take you to create this directory/can we gain access to it to see how it works/how it looks like? If not, that’s perfectly understandable though.

    The magician never reveals his secrets, haha.

    • It was basically a simple page with a good looking header and a list divided on categories. (film/book, etc). When I created my new link directory with affiliate networks it replaced my old one. You can find it on http://www.affiliatenytt.se.

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