12 thoughts on “How to Make Money With Twitter

  1. Hello, just thought I would come by to say hi.
    You just left a comment on my blog and wanted to return the visit.

    You have a great blog and I will be subscribing.

  2. Twitter becoming a business network rather than tweets….Big bloggers already earning lots of money with paid tweets..

    Even i read somewhere that, paid tweet network are coming in………..

  3. This is a nice post. Using twitter is ok as long as the people do not start to use it as spamming .Koz then it become really painful.

  4. I agree with priscus. We must not start to spam Twitter otherwise it will go down the same road as all the other social networks. You can make money from Twitter if you use it correctly and increase your followers.

    • You are right George. This post is more of an educational sort than an advice. I will elaborate about this later today.

  5. Stefan,

    Twitter definitely has potential to make money, like you said. The only problem I see is that too many people are using Twitter for affiliates. The method seems to be on the road of becoming saturated. Just my two cents.

  6. I signed up Tweeter last month. Upon sign up, I have few followers and system shows that I follow some people already. Is that auto-follower program??

    • I can’t be sure without looking at them, but if you haven’t told anyone about your account it may be spamusers.

  7. Regarding the auto-follow or auto-unfollow tool, I’m currently using TweetLater and it has all this features, it’s Free to use.
    Anyway, making money with twitter is not that easy unless you have a very strong background or character, you need to be well known like Problogger or JohnChow, then your followers only will trust what you’re recommended.

    Stefan, do you have good experience with Twitter? I mean make money with Twitter?


    • You’ve a valid point Lee and I agree that some of the users may not trust you. For the beginners it may be easier to use an affiliate that pays per click. Even though your followers wont trust you, some of them will click on your links.

      It’s all about being trustworthy. Even if your main objective is just to make money online you can’t spam Twitter because then nobody will trust you. You need to be serious and deliver informational posts (for an example from Google Reader) and first then people will start clicking on your links.

      My experience of making money on Twitter is actually real low since I’m not even a member. I’m using a Swedish version named Bloggy. It’s basically the same thing, but Bloggy have nestled comments.

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