8 thoughts on “How to Profit on the Schoolyard Online

  1. Very good point actaully came over here to expand my circle. But your right I tend to see the same people from time to time. It is important to make some loyal connections. What I do is once in a while (every two weeks) I subscribe to a about 1o new blogs via rss and see which ones I like then start adding them in to the mix.

    • Thank you Jared. I agree with you and I’m doing the same thing, but with a few more than 10. The problem is just to find new quality blogs. At the moment I’m simple searching on Google but I’m sure there must be plenty of more methods.

  2. I just realize about what you said since 2 weeks ago. I can see that there was a same person who leave comment on my blog that who has comment on my friend’s blog. Haha. I know you understand about this.

    By the way, I try to stand out from the circle by checking the website of every tweeter who’s following me. I mean, whenever I got a new email telling that I’ve got a new followers, that I will check out his/her profile and click on his/her website. If the website is valuable enough for me to stay update, then I will subscribe. Well, that how I do when I want to stay out from the circle. 🙂

    • When it comes to Twitter then I’m also checking every new follower but for another reason. I don’t autofollow and therefore I spend a few seconds on checking their site to see if it’s a legitimate person and then decide if I should follow him/her.

      I do like your thought and I think that’s a good method to find new bloggers.

  3. Very wise post. Well unfortunately for me, I am in the crowded make money online circle, but fortunately I am making money in that circle… great points…

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  5. Great Advice Stefan and I’ve been doing this myself lately. I’ve expanded my horizons with it and have been visiting more blogs on different topics, commenting and getting to know other entrepreneurs. It’s fun and I receive a lot of my blog traffic from the sites I comment on.

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