6 thoughts on “How to Use Forums to Build Backlinks

  1. I agree with most of what you have said, but for me forums are more useful for getting targeted traffic to your site. Its not about the backlink because we all know that a backlink from a a forum that is nofollowed and has 3000 links out from that one page is essentially useless. What is of value is the traffic you can get from it, just remember that typically the only ones who will get quality traffic from a forum are those that are a respected member of that community, if you spam everyone will ignore you.

    • I agree with you Jesse. If you participate in the discussions and share your knowledge you will get traffic and at the same time create better relationships with other bloggers. With that said I think you can do this even better with blog commenting, mail and guest blogging.

  2. Now that you said that, I realize that forum marketing isn’t
    that great. You’re right about the amount of PR you get
    for every link…

    The funny thing is that I spent couple of month doing that to
    build PR for my blog 🙂


    • That’s the thing with experience. We learn new things every day and in the end we can only use the information to save us from doing the same thing again and hopefully help someone else from doing it as well.

  3. Just a question: if I decide to buy some backlinks packs from internet, like from amazon or ebay, what happens? I can see some strange vendors like abcmarketing, activeSEO, aladygma-marketing, what are they?

    • Seach engines will penalize your site for this and eventually there’s a chance it will be dropped from the search engines. Instead you should focus on natural backlinks. Convey people into linking back to you simply because you deliver great content.

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