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  1. Nothing resonates more with me than ‘it is not your site’. If you are going to use Hubpages then use it as a secondary place to share your content with the first place being your website or blog.

    You’ve raised some valid points Stefan.


  2. I feel the Same about Hubpages as it is way too easy to get unpublished. Also if you Create a good Blog that Gets much Traffic you Can Sell it I do not think this is Possible with Hubpages.

  3. I don’t see why someone wouldn’t want to own their content. Buying hosting and setting up wordpress is not hard or time consuming. That is the route most bloggers should take. If that is too hard, use blogger.

  4. Good points.Nothing beats having your own blog and writing your own content regularly.I make hubpages regularly and link back from them to my other blogs (I do deeplinking).The passive income is nice, but I constantly look for other options as well.As you said, things will change eventually.

  5. This page was very informative. I look through the lens of a professional writer, but also have had some insight towards the business reasons HP is a bad idea.

    I was permanently banned from Hubpages after a troll continued to harass me there for 10 months. I complained numerous times, only to find myself banned with the troll when I tried to defend myself or get rid of it.

    I highly recommend anyone with an eye towards professional writing or business do NOT join Hubpages, therefore. The only thing you will ultimately gain is a headache from all the childish games–from both management and some of the denizens (trolls) they allow onto the site that call themselves writers. The outlook of the site does not seem professional, but rather childish and clubby as far as moderation (if any real moderation there exists).

    For some time now, many friends from the site have been noting what you say here…that quality is way down. Trolls and others copying text seem to be valued there more–or at least seen on an equal basis (?)–as quality writers.

    • Lita Sorensen was banned from HubPages because SHE was the ACTUAL troll.

      She was very lonely and harassing men constantly. She is on psychiatric medication for her mental illness.

      This is why the staff at hubpages banned her PERMANENTLY!!

      HP is very generous, they only ban people for a few days as a form of punishment. But they made an exception in Lita Sorensen’s case because of her extremely offensive behavior.

      It is best to IGNORE trolls like Lita Sorensen!

      • I will just say I am not Lita, but the person who wrote this message is a troll. He enjoys denigrating the character of other people. You know I am still at Hubpages to this day, and I also happen to know Lita. She is is a professional writer, and has published several books for young adults. Telling lies about someone just because you do not like their opinion about a website is not cool. It just makes you look like a stalker

  6. I wrote for Hub Pages for nearly two years and enjoyed it for about one. For about the last seven or eight months I was there I frequently considered pulling my content because of the problems Lita mentions as well as other frustrations. I had over 200 hubs up though and was making some money on them. In 2009 I made just under $800 in Google revenue off Hub Pages alone, and maybe $50 in Amazon commissions. So, since the stuff was already up, I dragged my feet about pulling it.

    November and December of 2009 I went from $100 or thereabouts in revenue each month to $2 or $3. I guess I was one of the ‘unlucky’ ones all of a sudden, but it struck me suddenly how little transparency and how little control there was over how payouts worked and revenue earned. A lot of deception is built into their business model IMO. They don’t really care about their writers, they don’t care about quality, and they don’t want YOU to make money, they just care about THEM making money–that’s why they get so fussy about affiliate links and ‘overly promotional’ hubs. It seems to me that if you’re getting free content you’ve got a bit of nerve being snotty about what kind, but oh well.

    Really I’d just gotten to the point where I was taking myself more seriously as both a writer and a professional. When I started there it something fun to do and I like the people. By the time I pulled my content I was earning my living writing and I wasn’t enjoying it and wasn’t making money either. Plus, the place had gotten infested with trolls, many of whom seems welcomed by site managers.

    Maybe one person in one hundred will actually ever make any money at Hub Pages and that person will work hard for what they earn and HP will get a big chunk of it. I think it’s pretty deceptive to advertise the site so heavily as a kind of ‘second job’, and the quality of both the articles and the community has suffered from this commercial push over the last year.

    The best advice you give here is, don’t put your eggs all in one basket. I write for several sites, have a couple of blogs, and do freelance work and write for paper publication. Things change constantly and I’ve had to learn to cut my losses without regret and do it fast whenever something goes sour.

    I do think Hub Pages is going sour fast. I would not recommend it to anyone wanting to make money writing. If you must write for a revenue sharing site, look for one without a forum full of trolls and self-proclaimed experts, and don’t put anything really good on the site, because you can probably make more on a good piece some other way.

  7. About Hubpages revenue split 60/40. I made an experiment which really puzzled me: I published a few articles on hubpages. In 3 months I had one click on Google adsense ad which showed my earnings at $0.12 for this click. I was surprised that it was so low… My friend suggested another website (cannot tell you the name of this site just yet) which also has adsense ad share option. I posted a few articles on this site and soon got an adsense ad click. I checked how much this click earned me – and it was $1.16. More than a dollar difference between Hubpages and this site I used for the same type of ad clicked! This made me wondering why the same type of ad on Hubpages paid so much lower. How do they manage to do it? Any suggestions? Anyone had similar comparative experience?

  8. HubPages is allowing extremely offensive articles and forum posts/threads to be posted and it makes one wonder if the administration actually enjoys seeing these because they will not remove even the vilest stuff. A lot of this is religious bigotry type postings, some examples being ones calling Jesus Christ a child molester and a homosexual and a particular article in which a member there has articles up saying the f-word to the Holy Spirit, etc… I can understand opposing viewes against Christians or any other faiths and religions but they are going way too far in what they are allowing to be posted under the quise of debate or disagreement. They are attacks of the worst kind and the site should be called into account for it.

  9. I just got banned right now because I was 13. I guess writing my age on my profile wasn’t such a good idea and now I have to start over with another account. Life sucks

  10. “Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket” That says it in a nutshell. It’s not that HubPages “is a Bad Idea,” it’s just that it shouldn’t be your sole means of trying to make an income. As a means if increasing your own site’s rank, I’ve heard that it’s very good. This article should instead be titled “Why Using Hubpages as your sole means to Make an Income is a Bad Idea.”

  11. I like using these sites as an outlet for writing about things that don’t require a whole site and as a way to get backlinks to my niche sites. Other than that you get a small trickle of income without really doing much work as well. I agree with you though, for someone to build a whole business off hubpages alone seems really risky.

  12. Yes same thing for me. Till yesterday my hubpages account was showing 9 followers and the ranking was going high…but today it is showing 0 hubs and 0 followers. Moreover, my account has been suspended. I am not clear what happened. I want to know how I can resume my account

  13. Really Stefan I enjoyed your post. I also recommend people not to use those thing. Everyone should run his own site instead of lying on other’s site

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