14 thoughts on “Important Plugins for WordPress

  1. Nice list of plugins Stefan. I never knew about WP Super Cache. Thanks for enlightening me! I just installed it 🙂

    • I’m glad to hear that. WP Super Cache is a great tool which can save a tremendous amount of loading time.

  2. Hi,

    I have 18 plugins on my site and it will still be reduced. I do agree that there are hundreds, sometime it’s difficult to pick a plugin.

    I use to use Cforms II and Greet Box, but removed them. Super Cache is a must for small or big sites. Subscribe to Comments is also nice as my commentators come back once someone has left a comment.

    • I went over to your site and it do look like most of your plugins actually is necessary for your site to fully function.

  3. Thanks for sharing Stefan. I’ve been using some of the wordpress plugin that you’re listed above. I personally like Akismet and Google XML Sitemaps very much, Akismet saved my works in filtering comments. Anyway, I’m going to take a look on “Broken Link Checker” as I always checked the broken link using broken link checker on the net, some of them required to pay too.


    • I’m glad to hear Lee. I wouldn’t manage a day without Akismet and their spam protection. Unfortunately there are plenty of spam bots today. “Broken Link Checker” is truly amazing since it will publish links to all of your broken links in your control panel. Highly recommended.

  4. Ah sweet Im going to check out YARRP I have been missing a good similar posts plugin, but I need one that doesn’t suck up the resources while grabbing similar articles.

  5. I use most of those, although in a couple of cases I use another plugin instead. Don’t know if it’s better or not though.

    I use the Max Blog Press Ping Optimizer for no self-pinging, and I use Simple Tags for related posts.

    I have used Cforms but ran into trouble a few times and started just hand-coding my contact forms with html.

    I have also used What Would Seth Godin Do to greet new visitors and invite subscriptions. But – a bug. I found that the text from this box was in some cases becoming my meta-description in search engine results, if I did not manually create a meta-description.

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