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    • This is what a lot of people do and by doing so you will miss out on maximum revenue for a specific keyword. As I mentioned above I had one extreme example where one person succeeded to raise his revenue with 500%.

  1. It’s a great idea to find good keywords in your niche. But when you write any article to rank well for particular keyword make sure you write it for your readers and not for search engines.

    • I agree with you Harshad. You should always try to deliver quality content, but more on that in my content section.

      • Harsh you are absolutely right because without traffic blog can not publicly known.
        Without traffic blog can go into darkroom,I mean it will unseen to public.So posts should be written for both.

  2. In terms of MMO, I’m not really into pay-per-click as of now. Though before, I used to heavily concentrate at it. I recommend Keyword Country though. At first, it might get quite expensive but the tools are really the best in the industry. It’s been recognized by a lot of Adsense Masters too so I came to trust it. Then again, as what I’ve said, PPC is not my thing right now. Though I encourage everyone to at least know the basics of this.

    • I think a lot of people are using PPC and Google AdSense to make their first money online since it’s so simply. If you get a click you are sure to get some revenue. With that said it’s usually a lot easier to make big money in the end by using affiliate networks.

    • You can get far by simply using Google Keyword Tool but the best thing about Google Traffic Estimator is that you can also calculate how much you are going to earn through PPC. If you on the other hand tend to use affiliate marketing instead it’s not that important to use their Traffic Estimator.

      • Yeah, I agree. I’ve used Adwords a few time, but haven’t had much success. Just a quick question — as you seem you know quite a lot about Adwords.

        Let’s say it says that the Minimum First Page Bid Is $0.11. If I bid $0.12, my ads will appear on the first page, right? But when the ad begins running, I see it in my Adwords account that it shows average ad placement, and shows numbers such as 3.6, 5 — obviously not one. How do I know how much to bid so that my ad is 1st for the specific keyword?

        • You can use Traffic Estimator to see how much you have to spend to get your ads to show within 1-3.

          When you have showed your ad a few times you can use the bid simulator. While listing keywords you simply head over to Max. CPC and press the small button right to the amount: (image)

          There you can see how many clicks you will get if you raise your amount.

          Thinking about it, Google sometimes have up to 8 different ads on one search so you are sure to land on the first page if you follow their recommended amount.

  3. Stefan I use this while compiling my posts…This give me an idea how much I can expect for click on adsense and more over sometime just tweaking a single keyword gives my more value to my ads and search engine traffic 🙂

    • This is the best thing about keyword research. Just by doing small tweaks you can make several hundreds more percent revenue.

  4. Where exactly we need to place these high paid keywords? In post content? in All in one SEO?

    Its difficult to compose a post keeping keywords in mind. That’s where am failing 🙁

    • The most important thing is to place them in your title (< title >), headers (h1, h2, h3) and also within your content. Just remember to not use them everywhere and to many times. I’ve seen bloggers putting in their keywords in almost every sentence, which will not help you in terms of SEO.

  5. I have very question regarding COMPETITION of keywords. how you know which keyword has less competition. because i face problem in this. when we add keywords on search engines, we get search assist from them Google and yahoo. Like how many pages have make money online” terms and how many pages have ” how to make money online ” term. Because make money online is general term, for all make money online types of keywords. So, obviously higher number of pages indexed on Google.
    Usually, we assume how to make money online is less competitive then make money online.

    My question is
    1) what if more powerful websites target how to make money online” then make money online. Because we are assuming make money online is more competitive then how to make money online.

    2) If, i start blog with very narrow keywords in title “make money online now”. So, will i rank easily for that keyword on search engines?? Because i saw many websites have only one page indexed and getting on the top of Google. not on money niche.

    • Reading through your questions I feel a red line which basically is about how we can check our competition and find out which keywords we should target.

      There are a lot of answers to this question and even though I know some of them, search engines still doesn’t tell us everything. I will post a long article on this later on so subscribe if you don’t want to miss it, but until then I can tell you that quality is more important than quantity.

      Sometimes it’s better to target a keyword with 1 000 000 other sites instead of targeting a keyword with 1 000 sites. Why? Simply because it’s all about being on the first page. Even though there are more sites targeting for one keyword they could have worse SEO, backlinks, etc.

  6. Excellent article Stefan, as I have a blog since not too much time I always look for keywords ranking high on the present moment so i can create some good contet but I think your strategy is more accurate as, you check on more than one site, I only do it on googleadwords always.

  7. I am new to internet marketing and I have read so many times that keyword research is the most important thing for your project.

    Thanks for explain how could I can perform the keyword research, very useful article.

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