5 thoughts on “How to Always Know What to Say

  1. My method is much simpler, for me. Think about the person, their current state of mind, recent things that have happened to them, how they answered last time, and many other things along those lines. Deduce from those what route you should take, be it aggressive or relaxed or whatever you feel is best for the situation. Don’t be afraid to say what comes to your head. Essentially after years of having the conversation before it happens in my head using my preemptive thoughts on what they will say, I almost always know what someone will say/how they will react. It’s a very useful skill, I can get most girls/jobs/ and best of all keep everyone laughing all the time. Always knowing what to say is awesome. But decent article though it takes a lot more work than that to get to a useful level like mine.

  2. Dunno what I’d say to “You’re not my cup of tea.” That’s rather blunt. I doubt anyone I’d be interested in would ever say that to me, but who knows?

    “I’m too old / too young for you.”
    Hmm… Only responses I can think of are, “You sure?” and “You feel you’re at a different place in life?”

  3. Good suggestion. I’m in sales and I’ve never thought of approaching clients in this way. I do have certain scripts I use but I have not been archiving typical questions/answers.

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