19 thoughts on “Build Backlinks With Article Directories

    • I also had this opinion a few years ago before starting making money on small niche sites. It then became a great method to easily get backlinks from several different sources for small sites which no one would ever link to. Personally I do not think article submissions is worth the time if you want backlinks for a blog or high quality website, but for a small niche sites it is a simple method to get a few free backlinks.

  1. I always knew that article writing is always a great idea to get free backlinks but I think I’m too lazy to participate there… I will prefer more writing a Guest post for other blogs in my niche and specially on friends blog.. This will increase my visibility among readers and will be helpful for me later on….
    Though if I ever plan to write articles for these article directories.. it will be helpful for me…

    • It is all about what type of sites you are looking to get backlinks for. Personally i also prefer guest posts if you want backlinks for high quality content, but this is not always possible with small niche sites.

  2. Planned to do this some time back. But unable to find enough time to write on those directories.

    I think we can’t republish the articles there right?

    • I am not sure if I understood you correctly, but I do not recommend you to republish your old posts on article directories.

  3. Stefan I hope that new bloggers that read this post pay good attention to it, I still attribute a large portion of my blogs success to the work I did a little over a year ago with adding my blog to directories to build my backlinks.

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