14 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Want to Lose Weight

  1. What a straight to the point article, indeed so true! The psychology of lose is that of something your looking for! If you’ve lost it you’re indeed trying to find it back… and we wonder why the pounds dont budge! Healthy lifestyle is where its at, with both diet and exercise. You’re spot on!

    PS: I came to your blog from a commentluv link on another blog and was surprised to see this blog is not commentluv enabled. So sad.

    • Thank you Kimberly. I truly hope the word will be spread and people stop talking about losing weight and instead focus on reducing the amount of fat while at the same time building muscles.

      Personally I feel Comment luv gives your comments a bloated look and adds a lot of outgoing links. I might change it in the future though when I update my design.

  2. Exercise, that’s a dirty word for many Stefan. It’s unfortunate that too many people want something for nothing, and in regards to weight loss they want to achieve it without working for it. This is why there is a million dollar weight loss industry where they promote fad diets pills and stuff.

    Funny enough, most of them will tell you that weight loss is aided by exercise but everybody seems to skim over that part.

    • That’s something I will probably never understand. I love exercising independent if it’s football, running, swimming or working out in a gym. I’m certain everybody will find something they love if only they give it a chance. Diet pills is another thing I truly hate and I’m surprised schools doesn’t tech the basics. Exercise away more calories then you eat and you will reduce your fat. Just remember to eat healthy as well and never starve yourself!

      • I’ve always felt that weight training was best because the muscle you put on helps to build up your metabolism, so as you lose weight while exercising you are conditioning your body to be a more efficient weight loss machine.

        Naturally it’s always best to have a proper healthy diet built into any exercise regime.

  3. Stephan, this is a great heads-up on why the number on the scale doesn’t really count.
    This Goddess is very curvy and fairly slim, by American standards, but nonetheless feels heavy and sluggish, and most unimpressed by her breathlessness at the top of a flight of stairs.
    It’s not about the weight, or the measurements ~ it’s about Health, and Energy and Longevity, and working With your body rather than against it.
    Bliss and blessings,
    The Goddess known as Jacqui

    • Thank you for your comment Jacqueline. I agree with you one hundred percent and hope that people will forget about the scale and instead focus on their personal health. Instead of accepting what the scale says, they should stop for a second and feel for themselves.

  4. What most people don’t seem to realise is that in order to lose weight you don’t just need to eat less but you need to eat the right foods at the right times, get a proper eight hours sleep and make sure to include exercise.
    People are generally lazy by nature and the hardest issue with losing weight is staying focused and commited, in my opinion.

  5. absolutley, if you reduce your calorie intake drastically then you will probably lose weight in the short term but once you start eating more again your body will store more fat and you will probably end up bigger than you were before. Having said that dieting can work but you have to be eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

  6. Agree, it is not about losing but getting rid of something obtained by poor eating habits and lack of mobility.
    The strange thing is people will plan a holiday in detail, the memory of which fades quickly when they return. Yet maintaining good health for a long life and lots of holidays, usually gets no planning at all. I know which is more important to me.. 😉

  7. Great post Stefan, no messing about.

    My weight has gone up and down for years. Problem is, I’ve got no willpower. pleased to say though, that I think I’ve found the answer.

  8. A little exercise is worth the effort. Apart from helping with weight loss you feel so much better for it. In my case, getting started is the hard part.

  9. This is new to me! I’ve always tried to lose weight but I guess this is a better way to look good. Integrating exercise in my lifestyle has really helped a lot like instead of taking a bus to work, I’d take my bike or walk that extra block. I get to save a bit of cash too. And I do agree that eating healthy is also an important part of being fit.

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