7 thoughts on “Make Money on Your Adventures

  1. Good example. Usually it helps if you can deeply relate to the niche site you’re setting up.

    Also, operated->surgery, common swedish mistake 😉

  2. It is a great example how deep niche can earn much and easy. But is it hard to write in deep niche for me.

  3. Writting about something that you are passionate about is the definately the key. If you are passionate about it the writting and posting will come easy. You don’t want it to be a chore to write posts and if you pick a topic that you are not interested in it will not be easy to write about and I think it will show in the quality of the posts. The money will come in time.

    Great post Stefan

    • Exactly Jim. Other positive factors are that you will never have a writer’s cramp since you are writing about your personal life. You can always come up with things to write about even though the readers might not find everything as interesting.

      By doing this your blogging will be a lot more fun and the only problem then is to get readers to find you. But more on that in later posts.

  4. I really think the ease & flow of your post brings value & fun for your readers, which includes me. I really see your posts as source of the fun & interesting stories of yours.

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