24 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup – July 2009

  1. Thanks for the mention. I see more and more bloggers are doing a monthly roundup. I would suggest giving a small description of the post as well, it makes it easier for the user to decide to either read it or not.

    • Isn’t weekly a bit over the top? I mean, if you subscribe for a blog, would you really want 52 posts a year just grouping old entries without any new content?

        • My point is that what if every blogger you followed would do this. I’m subscribed for about 200 blogs. That would create about 200*52=10400 posts with no new content. I understand that it’s great for the blogger, but does the visitor really want it?

  2. Hi Stefan – I found you as you commented on my blog. You should be pleased with the results after just one month, particularly in the number of comments you’re getting – that’s way ahead of where I was after one month!

    The visitor numbers are about where I was after one month, but if you keep the posting frequency up you’ll find they skyrocket. After seven months mine went over 1000 uniques a day.

    • I’m glad to hear Mike. It seems to me like I’ve got some great regulars here. Big thanks to all of you.

      1000 unique visitors each day within seven months is actually great, thinking of some of my blogs. How many posts did you publish each month?

  3. This appears to be an amazing way to let the new readers to quickly have a look on what’s hot in a blog.

    But, whats the criterion to choose the top posts? Would it be:

    1. A post which you have spent so much time to research and write about(but not getting appreciation) or
    2. A post which has numerous comments(because it is controversial, but not hugely popular) or
    3. A post which has so many views(but not active interaction with the readers in the form of comments)

    Sorry, I was a bit confused on the criterion. So, had to ask.

    • I would say it’s a combination of all. My main goal is to get some of you to find my old posts which took me a lot of time, but didn’t get any comments. At the same time I want you to read my controversial posts which would make it easier for you to comment.

  4. Good roundup Stefan! Congrats on the numbers you have for 1 month. I had no idea your site was that new. I think those are all really good numbers, and if you keep posting great content like you have been they are just going to go up and up each month! Great job!

    • Thank you Doug, I’m glad to hear. I’ve never had such a succeed with comments before even though my number of visitors is a bit low, which feels really good.

  5. It’s great to see that your blog is just one month old and you’re able to get PR5! I do hope to get PR5 for my blog in coming days too. Anyway, monthly roundup is a great idea to write a post when you have nothing to write too. I’ve seen many people doing this in their blogs too. 😀

    Stefan, you’re doing good with your blog though!


    • Stefan… how do you have a PR5 ranking with your blog being only a month old? Did you use to have another site on this domain or something? That is awesome!

      • I used to have a simple two-paged site. One with information about me and one with links to all of my current projects.

  6. Gotcha… yeah I figured you had something because this site has a TON of back-links. Very cool!

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  8. In just 1 month PR5 and 500+ unique visitrs really surprised by these facts.mine site is 6 months old and still PR2 . Can u guide me smthing how to achieve a status like u, if u have no issues..

    • When it comes to PR I’ve cheated a bit since I registered my domain one year in advance and then used it often when I commented others blogs. With that said I don’t want you to stare yourself blind on PR. Sure it will help you in when it comes to getting advertisers but overall there’s more important things.

      Have a look at my section on how to get backlinks and how to get visitors. I will add new methods every other week.

      If you have a specific question, feel free to ask me. I will try to help you best I can.

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