8 thoughts on “Motivate Yourself With Music

  1. I normally put my radio on while surfing or setting up a post. There are times when I actually sing along with the song and other times I don’t even hear it.

    I guess it depends on the individual them self, what makes them tick and what motivates them.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, music can build our mood, either positive or negative. Almost always, I listen to upbeat music while posting my articles or doing house chores or driving. My music taste is somewhat eclectic, a blend of Western pop music, some classical masterpieces, and lots of Korean songs and soundtracks. I love watching Korean dramas and movies and by listening to the tracks, I can restore my crumbling spirit. For example, when I find myself so desperate I instantly play the songs/ instrumental compositions which is played in the background when my favorite protagonist in the drama feels the same way too but later becomes determined to get tougher, I call it self-fortifying mechanism. We don’t really have to solely rely on other people to strengthen ourselves but sometimes we can utilize some unthinkable things to fortify ourselves, like music. I do find listening to music beneficial to my well-being. (Certain) music is therapeutic, it can help heal us and soothe the troubled mind. My 7-month-old niece often falls asleep whenever I play her some soothing classical music like Concerto in C Major for Flute & Harp, K. 299: Rondo: Allegro.
    Because music is like medicine, it makes sense that a certain kind of music can be therapeutic on some listeners but ‘poisonous’ or at the very least, pretty much effectless on other different listeners.
    And you’re totally right about the gym rats who stick some half naked muscular men on their gym wall. It’s like automatic refill of spirit even when we’re in the lowest level of determination. You feel like you’ve lifted tons of weights till you broke your whole skeleton and got cramped all over but you can’t see those bulges after a while. So I guess combining images and music that we find motivating and inspiring is one of the best ways to stay on track, wherever our destination is.
    And because I want to be a pro blogger, probably I’d like to have some wallpaper collections about some amazingly successful bloggers saved on my laptop so I can motivate myself whenever I stare at their pictures and imagine who I will be in years to come ^_^

  3. Haha I love the Baywatch Video, classic red bikinis!

    Anyways as for music, it is one of my largest life motivators I have to have it, especially if I plan on getting any work done.

    • Not really my kind of song, but I can understand why others might like it. I can also recommend you to check out “Don’t stop believing”, by Journey.

  4. Music is always motivational. No matter in what bothers or troubles (or even pleases you), there is an option in music. But music and video as motivation for specific purposes, I had never thought about it. Thanks Stefan for this article

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