4 thoughts on “No Excuses

  1. Good vid – A very good message there that many of us should take on board – its the old matra, there are 2 things RESULTS and EXCUSES

    When I fail on something I try and try again – certainly in IM I dont think I am a million miles away now.€

    • I’m glad you liked the video. Personally I think you can get really motivated by videos like this and for that reason I decided to create a video-category yesterday. From now on I will post a motivational video every day when I have no blog post to share.

  2. Good motivational video! I still think that excuses are good sometimes. If someone hands you drugs and asked you to try them, then you should have an excuse.

    • You are right Austin, but you should make a difference between excuses and reasons. There are reasons to why you should not do drugs, but there are only excuses to why you are not accomplishing your goals.

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