5 thoughts on “If You’ve Never Failed You’ve Never Lived

  1. Thanks for posting that Stephan. Wow, pretty encouraging isn’t it? 🙂 I have bookmarked and spread it yesterday though I didn’t manage time to leave a comment.

    It reminds me, recently I came across stories of some major marketing gurus who now make millions, telling about the stupid things they did when they first started and how they made no money or just lost money for quite a long time. And now they make millions. It just reminded me how persistence is key.

    In my opinion, sales letters that talk about how easy and fast it is, and how so-and-so did it in 2 weeks, are just discouraging to people. I actually avoid reading them because they are depressing! And unreal, too.

  2. Sure you can live your life and not take risks, but your life might be a bit boring. In order to get anywhere you need to take some level of risk. These people in the video sure had some failures, but they, i am sure, learned from their failures and pushed forward to their own dreams. Sure Michael Jordan could have stayed in his room after being cut from the team and never played basketball again, but he pushed foward toward his dream and passion and became the Icon of Basketball.

    Take risks in life and you will succeed. Don’t be afraid. Just do it!

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  4. I definately agree with you stefan. Living life the way it goes is of no use. You should write your own fate, rather than letting nature write it for you! Really wonderful.. As Jim said, Take risks in life and you will succeed. Don’t be afraid. Just do it!!

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