8 thoughts on “Saab TV Ad – Change Perspective

  1. I like how this advertise bring the perspective when tell you end up with saab instead with just another car. It is strong in my perspective.

    • I agree with you LetUpdate. By doing so they distance themselves from other car makers and basically say they are something truly special.

  2. I think what is interesting in people is that we all have different perspectives on things. I mean you can read a blog post about say SEO on one blog and read another post on another blog about SEO and the 2 posts will be different. Sure some points are the same, but everyone has there own way of saying things and their own perspective on things. Not to mention when I read a post and someone else reads a post they may read it differently than I do as they have there own perspective on things. This is what makes the world interesting.

  3. I don’t necessarily think the video succeeds at its seemingly intended message of changing points of view. For me, it is about doing things differently, accomplishing the unexpected. Take the paper plane. The guy only swipes his hand across it and the plane folds. Take the ant carrying the plane. No one expected that ant to be there.

    Is it good advertising? Yes. Because I liked the commercial and want to re-watch it and share it.

  4. I found the ad visually appealing, but it really didn’t make me want to go out and buy a Saab, but most ads don’t. Seeing it every so often on TV would keep the car in the back of my mind though, so when I am in the need for a new car a Saab might come to mind. I actually liked the look of the Saab when they finally showed it at the end.

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