4 thoughts on “The Simple Secret Behind Courage

  1. Cool Clip Stefan! Face your fears makes you brave it gives you courage. I myself have had a fear of public speaking. But now in my job as I do it more and more by leading meetings and giving presentations the fear the scared feeling that I used to get is going away. I think this is attributed to the fact that I have been pushing myself to give presentations to groups of people. If I hadn’t pushed myself the fear would never go away. Now I do have the courage to stand in front of a group and give a presentations. I actuallyfind it fun now throwing jokes into the presentations that I give.

  2. Nice work Stefan, editing and rendering movies is one of the things I hate to do most. I have zero patience for it all though I am pretty good with the Sony movie editor I use now.

  3. We all have our comfort zones with levels that we can reach that we are comfortable with.

    The difference between those that are willing to push past those boundaries in my opinion are the difference between those who live with mediocricity and those who move forward to maybe achieve greater things

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