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  1. I signed up – under your link. It said “ducedo” in the referral blank so hopefully you’ll be getting a % of some big $$$$ soon! 🙂 Since the advertisers are targeting us based on those keywords we select for ourselves, I’m very hopeful that they won’t be spammy looking things that will cause our followers to turn away.

    • I don’t know how to the third party I mean Sponsored Tweets make money from our tweets ? I’m not know through that working

      • As a Tweeter you decide how much a single tweet should cost and then Sponsored Tweets add a small amount to this price before showing it for their advertisers. Since I am no advertiser I do not know how much their cut is, but this is how it works.

    • I mentioned this in the post above, but I do not think this is necessarily a bad thing. By doing this most of the newly created accounts that never reach up to 200 posts will never be showed, which is a good thing for us who keep our accounts active.

  2. Stefan it’s nice to see you starting to include some of the other ways you make money online, I have been by before but never remembered to add your blog to my reader.

    I just added so I hope you don’t mind me hanging around a while.

  3. I signed up using your link. I hope it will help you as well, this is my first honest try for making money online. Hope it works out

    • Thank you Ricky, it is appreciated. I’m sure it will work out well for you. If not, feel free to ask me for help. I would recommend you to promote your Twtitter account on your website. By doing so you will get more users resulting in more money.

      • Thank you for the suggestion. I still didn’t get any offer from they. Hey try magpie website, I got few tweets as well. Let me know if you are planning to join it, i will pass u my link.

        • Sure, just send it over through my contact form and I will register later today. Unfortunately it seems like you will only earn provision from advertisers though.

  4. Someone was asking me about this type of thing a while ago and I could not say whether it was legit, having never heard of it and having no experience. If it is not abused, I could see how it could be a great advertising method.

    My question – what is Twitter’s viewpoint on this, and how this align with their rules? Does one risk getting one’s account suspended, or not?

    • As long as you make sure everyone knows it is a sponsored tweet Twitter does not mind and Sponsored Tweets worked together with Twitter to make sure of this. This is why you always have to choose a prefix (my sponsor) or suffix (#ad) for every tweet. I updated the post with this information as I can imagine a lot of people are wondering this.

  5. I just Tweeted about sponsored link and after your comment I realize you have written about it, even i’m going to write a review on Sponsored tweets after a week.. The best thing which I like about this ST is we can control which tweet we want to tweet and also we can customize our tweet….

    • I agree with you Harsh. Since we can both control who we want to work with and then also customize the tweet it doesn’t hurt your as much. Will you be using Sponsored Tweets in the future? Looking forward to read your review, since I’m sure you will give the service a new point of view.

    • Have your tried out their affiliate program? If yes, what are thoughts on it? I have heard a lot of people complaining since it is not currently possible to see how many and which users you are referring.

  6. Wow, thanks for pointing this out Stefan! 🙂

    I’ve signed up (using your link) and hope to be making money from it soon. I’ll leave a comment informing you of my progress soon! Thanks again!

    • I’m glad to hear Simon. Looking forward to hear a success-story from you later on. 😉 Added you on Twitter as well.

  7. ya this is a good news and also for the them want to make money by tweeting .well money making is now becoming a part of tweeting i see some of my followers tweet all day about affiliates i just unfollow this peoples.

    • Yes, you do have to be careful with how many tweets you should do every day. Have you ever tried Sponsored Tweets?

    • You’re welcome Karthik. Feel free to share your stats and information later on. Would be great to publish a post with stats on how much users generally make of it.

  8. I signed up recently after reading all you guys posts. I’m having 1100 followers, but i didn’t got single penny till now 🙂

    May be i have to increase the count more 🙂

  9. I’ve been using them for a bit and trying to mix my sponsored links with very legit tweets is easy if you get good advertisers and already tweet a bunch.

    Thanks for more information.

  10. I joined sponsored tweets almost 2-3 weeks back but haven’t got any advertiser request even after having 8500 followers.. 🙁

    I think I should reduce the rate to see what happens.

  11. This is the first time I hear about Sponsored Tweets. Sounds like easy money. Never thought such a legit business existed 🙂

    How much money are you earning a month doing this? I would really like some details about the rates you’re using as well.


    – Jens –

  12. I just signed up this morning and went with the “suggested” rate of .66 cents based on my 589 followers. I got an offer about 5 minutes later and from an advertiser I could get behind. I have not heard yet if they accepted my tweet. My feeling about this is that with my old website i had google ads all over it and my blog and i think my earnings after about 2 or 3 years is $4.87 or something as I was just a video & documentary producer and dance teacher so it was mostly used as my brochure so I had very low traffic. when i changed to a bloggertube/site i never bothered putting any back on. The part I really didn’t like about google ads was that they were putting ads for my competition on my pages…whats the point of that! So I am hoping this will work for me as I am just about to launch my little Virtual Assistant service and this all seems like a perfect fit.

  13. I’ve heard for some time about sponsor tweets but I never tried. Wright now I have only around 120 followers so I think I am not qualified for this yet. I will try it when I will have enough followers. Thanks for the post.

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