18 thoughts on “Add Static Background in Thesis

  1. A nice little hack if I say so myself. Direct and straight to the point.

    I see you are enjoying the hacks a lot now, keeping you busy. 🙂

    • Yes, since I found out how simple it is to change things in Thesis I just can’t stop. Will probably post a few more short tips like this today, so feel free to come with suggestions.

    • I think it most because it’s so extremely simple to customize it into a unique theme. There are also a big and helpful community which helps you as soon as you get a problem.

  2. Hi,
    I tried everything as per the above but it wasn’t working. I found if I simply added fixed; and not fixed top center; to the code, it worked. My coding doesn’t stretch to why or how it then worked but it worked out fine in the end!

  3. hi stefan!
    can you tell me as how to place twitter icon or rss icon on static background like you have here at ducedo.com!
    thanks in advance!

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