8 thoughts on “How I Managed to Stop Eating Unhealthy Food

  1. Stephan this is such a simple system in a complex food world and it’s probably one of the best out there, it requires a tremendous amount of self control though.

    Congrats on cutting out the crap 🙂

  2. Actually, it’s such a great idea to apply but the problem is I’m not a kind of person who feels convenient enough to show off what project/job I’m doing or goals I’m trying to achieve. Sticking the calendar on the wall just to invite other people’s eyes to scrutinize what that is for is troublesome sometimes. So I’d better keep the calendar only for myself and hopefully, in the end, can show off what I manage to achieve. Because I love giving people surprises!

  3. I hope it’s working out for you so far?

    I just want to share with you something that worked great for me. I haven’t had less than 1 liter of coke in entire 2009 so far and I went without most soda for the first 5 months, but during the summer I started to drink some Dr Pepper as it was new down here 🙂

    Anyway – what I do when I’m out eating, either dinner or lunch, I just don’t allow myself to *think* about what I want to drink. “Water” is the standard response, it’s the default beverage for my food and I know that, so when I don’t start thinking about it and come up with excuses to take a coke, then it’s very easy to just stick with water.

    By the way, coke is also great for cleaning toilets or the inside of a fuel tank – consider that next time you feel the urge for a pepsi 😉

    • Great method Klaus. I’m using a similar tactic and even though I do not have the urge to drink water I know it will taste good as soon as I start drinking it.

      About Cola and Pepsi then. I read a study last week where two people were putting real teeth’s in Cola and within one year there was nothing left of the tooth.

  4. Great method! However it cannot undermine the importance & necessity of self control. You need it & can’t succeed without it. I am glad that you have found something that is giving you enthusiasm to use your self control. Congrats!

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