5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Art of Persuasion

  1. Although you can learn a lot from these books, i beleive people expect a lot when they pick them up to read. They assume they will learn completly new skill after finish reading. However, new skills require practice and alot of it.

    I think it would have been more useful, if you could read the book with few other friends and practice the principles together.

    • I agree with you. After you are done reading a book you need to start using you new learned material otherwise you will forget it in a short while.

  2. I feel the same way in regards to this book, in regards to the image and type of experience it may portray throughout. I do too feel like the writer above mentioned, that you can take advantage of the suggestions and apply them to your own situation. It can be done, if you wanted to have a real whack at it.

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