8 thoughts on “There are Only So Many Potential Visitors

  1. Never really thought of it that way, but any webmasters goal is to attract visitors and to keep them coming back for more. Once some one likes your site/blog, you have to keep them there by publishing good content.

    • Unfortunately most people don’t try to convert their visitors for several reasons. It might be something as simple as they forgot to add a RSS-logo in the sidebar or the decision to not take advantage of a mailing list.

      Some people may argue that they can’t use a newsletter for every small niche sites but I beg the differ. Create one generic newsletter for the specific niche and since you followed my advice on always staying in the same niche with all your niche sites, every visitors will be interested in this generic newsletter.

  2. It seems that mailing list is a very important tool to do business. I’ve never tried to use them but since I’ve read your great article, maybe I should try some. 🙂

  3. Totally agree. I personally started offering RSS Subscription just recently, wondering how big would it become now if I had started it earlier (1,5 years back when I just started my blogging business).
    For me the pending point now is to offer Newsletter subscription.. Bad, too bad!!

  4. Stefan, nice site you have here but I have to disagree with you.
    Every day there are many new comers to the online world (people born and die).
    You, I and all of us are one of them.
    The cycle will never end (unless the world end and all of us are dead).

    • The problem is that we are expecting a rate which can not be continued. If you get 10 000 visitors a day, there will not continue to be born 10 000 potential visitors every day. Eventually you will run out of them. Therefore it’s better to make them come back by using a newsletter.

  5. Well, you wouldn’t want to email the same people everyday until they subscribe to your blog. You would probably lose more subscribers with that method than gain. This is still a good point, though. Good article!

  6. Hi Stefan,

    May I know what exactly is converting my visitors? And what is a mailing list? Just curious. As much as I want to generate cash notes through my blog, it’s still way too early for me I guess. For now, my blog is the place for me to channel my deep passion for writing. And hopefully, the more entries I post, the better my writing gets.

    I have been trying pretty hard to haul visitors to read my blog. Fortunately, after setting up a new blog with a fresh template, I’m receiving better responses than I did before. But my traffic isn’t as great as yours though.

    Anyways, have a nice day!

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