6 thoughts on “This is True Love

  1. Hey Stefan!
    I couldn’t agree more. I have to say from the moment I have started blogging I have really enjoyed it. It sometimes has become an obsession of mine. From the moment I get up I want to check my blog and read comments check my email. I love creating interesting posts and interacting with readers. I have enjoyed meeting other bloggers and exchanging information and learning new things. My exact niche/passion is still evolving, but it includes blogging.

  2. Hello, Stefan! I guess it’s an inspiring story about a soda entrepreneur you have, though I don’t really like soda actually (it’s not healthy). But the point is loving what we do is just a blessing.. No second of our lifetime is wasted

  3. Even when I was in grade school I had an itching to write and express my self. However, without any means to further it I had stopped. But upon discovering a blog I was able to materialize my dream. 🙂

  4. For me blogging is the outlet of my emotions living far away from home. No niche in particular just things coming straight from the heart 🙂

  5. My thing is probably different than most where I am constantly writing all kinds of articles, than slapping in an article about one of the business’s I own.

    By doing that self promo it really gives me a chance to rake in some revenue.

  6. I don’t think ther can be anybody who can disagree with you on this subject. Niche & subject are gotta be your passion, hands down!
    I make sure that I do it for readers, in a very special way.
    Fun post! Not many bloggers who would get that compliment, you know!

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