9 thoughts on “Todoist Saves My Day

  1. Hi Stefan

    I use pen and a notebook for my tasks. I usually plan them week ahead, day by day. I prefer to strike through the tasks as I tackle each of them. However, I was going through online task management tools and I will give Todoist a try and see.

    • I was using the same strategy as you but it always turned out to clutter after a few hours. I also recommend you to spend the last 10 minutes every day to go through your next day and update your todo-list.

  2. Good overview and Todoist is a really great tool. You may also want to take a look at Checkvist, especially if you like simplicity and fast keyboard interface. And, if you need to share your tasks with someone 🙂

    • I will have a look at it later on, but at the moment I can’t really find anything wrong with Todoist. Checkvist might be a good idea when you are several people sharing the same task list, but that will never happen to my personal task list.

  3. Thanks for the Zen of Todoist. ^^
    Just like you, I’m also the type that believes smaller tasks are must easier than a big goal instead. Not surprising I have notebooks (the paper) with me all the time, jotting down and striking off (that’s the big satisfaction, isn’t it?). I once used the yellow notepad on my PC desktop, I forgot the software’s name, equally handy. Maybe I’ll consider todoist, when I got fed up with all the papers.. I’m still a little old-fashioned in some aspects you know. ^^

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    • I tried this but since I prefer to leave home without a bag I never could bring a notebook with me. What type of notebook are you using? I know a lot of people love Moleskin and I have actually thought about buying one, but as I said I almost never bring a notebook with me.

  4. Thats a pretty cool little tool right there, chances are I will keep using a notepad file like I have been doing for the last 10 years, but hey I’m old school. haha.

  5. Thanks Stephan for this wonderful post. I have sample problem like everyone…checking Google Analytics, Gmail, YahooMail several times a day. They are clearly time wasters and hinders one’s productivity. “ToDoIst” tool looks very cool mate. It can help truly help people to stay focused and progress towards their goal.

    Thank you very much!

    • You’re welcome Kardeno. Later on I will show you how to focus even better thanks to a software which tracks your time. Thanks to it you can remove all distractions and end up spending all your work time on work.

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