19 thoughts on “Why You Constantly Fail to Get Things Done

  1. I think the most important one is: Taking action. You can identfy your goals, identfy the steps to reach your goals and identfy the tools that you need to reach your goals. But without taking action, they worth nothing.

    • You do have a valid point. The term “take action” always make me think about Nike and their slogan “Just do it”. Simple but yet so full of information.

      • Many people fail, not because they fail to come up with a good plan, they fail to execute the plan the way they prepared.

        • Great point. I got a post about this in my draft so I would appreciate any additional notes from you on the subject.

  2. The most important thing is to build your character to face on the challenges you need to undertake. Master yourself and your abilities and everything you set will be accomplished. 🙂

  3. Your checklist is a good point to start a successful business. I will keep in mind. I always try to find out bloggers of my niche and make them a friend

    • This is most certainly a good method to work you way up. By befriending other bloggers they will notice you and not only link to you but sometimes it’s a great method to start a long lasting friendship.

  4. Yes, creating the direction or in other mean, take note of what you are going to do, is a great type of action where you can make this as a guide whenever you want to do the same thing on a new business.

    • Thank you Chris, I’m glad to hear. Hopefully some of you will benefit from it. If not, don’t panic. I will publish more posts on personal development and optimizing time later on.

  5. I really liked this post a lot. I have a few goals and I have come to the conclusion that sometimes you need to do one thing at a time. Like you said about shutting off all your distractions, I do the same.

    BTW, I will add this to next weeks Monday roundup, think many can learn from it.

  6. Very good advice – it helps me a lot to keep these lists.

    I started using a program called Action Outline which makes it even easier. You can have your notes in a “Tree” like in Windows explorer. So, for large projects, each project is a big node and each smaller one can go as a sub-node with each of its targets as sub-nodes – and you just click to expand or contract. WAY better than my old system of thousands of notebpad files with task lists for every project.

    • Thanks Anna. Action Outline seems to be a great software to keep track of your notes. I will try it and publish a review later on.

  7. Great article Stefan! It’s so difficult to not become distracted when trying to accomplish things online. It’s hard to get things done because a lot of people don’t put their goal and steps to achieve it – in writing (I am guilty of this too). My major issue when working online (in an attempt to get what I need to get done) is distractions.

    If you are the type of person to get distracted and involved in a lot of things when you are supposed to be working online – then it needs to stop if you want to be more productive and work faster and smarter. I have started using TOGGL – it’s a software that I use to time what I am doing throughout the day. If I start answering customer service emails, I go to toggl.com and click the start timer on that task or project and do my work – then click the button when I am done. I do not get distracted when using it – because I’m being timed and on a specific task. It may help others if you get distracted easily. 🙂

    • I tried using a similar software about a year ago. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name but it collected information on which websites I was browsing and which software I was using. Then it summarized it and showed you how many percent of work you’ve done each specific day depending on how you tagged your websites. Maybe I should try to find it again.

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